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Your complete directory of Nevada candidates for Governor, State Cabinet, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle ... state political parties ... the official state election office ... and state news sources.

"It seems like anything a political junkie or reporter would want to track down about a candidate or particular race could be found at Politics1." -- Las Vegas Sun

Kenny Guinn

Filing Deadline (Primary): March 18, 2022
Filing Deadline (Third Party/Indep): June 17, 2022
Primary: June 14, 2022
Bold = Active Candidate
Italics = Potential Candidate
* = Incumbent
won = Winner
(Incumbent Party Listed First)

This page was last updated on May 12, 2022


Steve Sisolak (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Tom Collins (D) - Ex-Clark County Commissioner & Ex-State Assemblyman
Bradley Beck (R)
Seven Achilles Evans (R) - Businessman & '12 Pres Candidate
Gary "Radar" Evertsen (R) - Mining Safety Consultant, Army Veteran & '20 County Comm Candidate
Joey Gilbert (R) - Attorney, Ex-Pro Boxer & Trump Campaign Activist
Eddie Hamilton (R) - Businessman & Frequent Candidate
Tom Heck (R) - Ex-Town Manager., Retired USAF Officer & '16/'18 US Sen Candidate
Dean Heller (R) - Ex-US Senator, Ex-Congressman & Ex-Secretary of State
John Lee (R) - North Las Vegas Mayor, Ex-St Sen & Ex-St Assemblyman
Joe Lombardo (R) - Clark County Sheriff & Army Veteran
Stan Lusak (R) - Retired Janitor & Frequent Candidate
Guy Nohra (R) - Venture Capitalist
Edward O'Brien (R)
Fred Simon (R) - Surgeon, Restaurant Owner & '14 US Rep Candidate
William "Dock" Walls (R) - Businessman, Ex-Chicago Mayoral Aide & Frequent Candidate
Amber Whitley (R)
Barak Zilberberg (R) - Real Estate Investor
Ed Bridges (IAP) - Retired USAF Colonel, Vietnam War Veteran & Frequent Candidate
Brandon Davis (L)
Austin Billings (NP) - Logistics Professional
Monique Richardson (I) - Truck Driver

Next State Constitutional Officer Elections are in 2022.

Gov Bob Miller

Lisa Cano Burkhead (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Eva Chase (D)
Kimi Cole (D) - Retired Construction Manager & LGBT Rights Activist
Debra March (D) - Henderson Mayor, Ex-City Councilwoman & UNLV Official
Stavros Anthony (R) - Las Vegas City Councilman & Retired Police Captain
Tony Grady (R) - FedEx Commercial Pilot & Retired USAF Officer
M. Kameron Hawkins (R) - Magazine Publisher, Event Promoter & Navy Veteran
John Miller (R) - Banker & Businessman
Mack Miller (R) - Business Consultant & Frequent Candidate
Peter Pavone (R) - Entertainer, Entertainment Producer & Business Consultant
Dan Schwartz (R) - Ex-State Treasurer, Businessman, '20 US Rep Candidate & '18 Gov Candidate
Javi Tachiquin (L)
Bill Hoge (IAP) - Ex-California Assemblyman, State Party Vice Chair & '18 St Treasurer Nominee
John "Trey" Delap (I) - Nonprofit Group Consultant & Recovery Advocate

[ Barbara Cegavske (R) - Term-Limited in 2022. ]
Kristopher Dahir (R) - Sparks City Councilman, Business Consultant & Pastor
John Cardiff Gerhardt (R) - Crypto Investor, QAnon Conspiracy Theorist & '20 Assembly Candidate
Jesse Haw (R) - Ex-State Sen. & Real Estate Developer
Socorro Keenan (R) - Talent Agent
Jim Marchant (R) - Ex-State Assemblyman, Businessman, Conspiracy Theorist & '20 US Rep Nominee
Gerard Ramalho (R) - Retired TV News Anchorman
Richard Scotti (R) - Ex-District Judge & Attorney
Cisco Aguilar (D) - Attorney, Ex-State Athletic Commissioner & Ex-Congressional Aide
Janine Hansen (IAP) - Conservative Activist, State Party Co-Founder & Frequent Candidate
Ross Crane (L) - Trade Show Sales Manager & Ex-Hotel Manager

Zach Conine (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Michele Fiore (R) - Las Vegas Councilwoman, Ex-St Assemblywoman & '16 US Rep Candidate
Manny Kess (R) - Hospitality Company CEO
Margaret Hendrickson (IAP)
Bryan Elliott (L) - Business Manager & Libertarian Activist

Taggart for Lt Governor

[ Catherine Byrne (D)* - Retiring in 2022. ]
Alex Costa (D)
Ellen Spiegel (D) - Ex-State Assemblywoman, Businesswoman & '20 St Sen Candidate
Andy Matthews (R) - State Assemblyman, Ex-Think Tank Official & Ex-Sports Journalist
Jed Profeta (L) - Musician & Singer

Aaron Ford (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Stuart MacKie (D) - Farmer & '18 Candidate
Tisha Black (R) - Attorney & '18 County Commission Candidate
Sigal Chattah (R) - Attorney
John Kennedy (L)

Shirley Crumpler


State Assembly

State Senate


Catherine Cortez Masto (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Stephanie Kasheta (D)
Corey Reid (D)
Allen Rheinhart (D) - Artist, Dem Socialist Activist & Frequent Candidate
Sam Brown (R) - Businessman & Disabled Afghan War Veteran
Bryon Conrad (R) - Businessman
Bill Hockstedler (R) - Healthcare Executive & USAF Veteran
Adam Laxalt (R) - Ex-Attorney General, Iraq War Veteran & '18 Gov Nominee
Sharelle Mendenhall (R) - Beauty Pageant Contestant & Community Activist
Tyler Perkins (R)
Carlo Poliak (R) - Retired Sanitation Worker & Frequent Candidate
Paul Rodriguez (R)
Barry Rubinson (IAP) - Technology Consuiltant, Engineer & '20 US Rep Nominee
Neil Scott (L) - Accountant, '18 Candidate & '02 US Rep Candidate
J.J. Destin (I) - Truck Driver, Live Events Technician & USMC Veteran
Barry Linderman (I)

US Sen Chic Hecht

Jacky Rosen (D)* - (Campaign Site) - Next Election in 2024.
Brad Wing (I) - Restaurant Worker


District 1:
Dina Titus (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Amy Vilela (D) - Financial Consultant, Sanders Campaign Activist & '18 Candidate
Jane Adams (R) - Businesswoman
David Brog (R) - Pro-Israel Political Organizer & MAGA Activist
Cresent Hardy (R) - Ex-Congressman, Ex-State Assemblyman & '18 Nominee
Mark Robertson (R) - Financial Planner
Carolina Serrano (R) - Political Organizer & Trump Campaign Activist
Morgun Sholty (R) - Businessman & Conservative Activist
Cynthia Dianne Steel (R) - Retired District Judge
Jessie Turner (R) - Podcast Host & Conservative Activist
Ken Cavanaugh (L)
Monica Lenoir (I) - Businesswoman

District 2:
Mark Amodei (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Joel Beck (R) - Disabled USAF Veteran & '18/'20 Candidate
Brian Nadell (R) - Professional Poker Player, '20 Candidate & '10 US Sen Candidate
Catherine Sampson (R)
Danny Tarkanian (R) - Douglas Co Commissioner, Businessman & Frequent Fed Candidate
Joey Afzal (D) - Accountant & Financial Analyst
Michael Doucette (D) - Teacher, Ex-Restaurant Franchise Owner & Army Veteran
Gerold Lee Gorman (D)
Tim Hanifan (D) - Customer Service Representative & Ex-Congressional Intern
Brian Hansen (D) - Casino Worker & Animal Rescue Activist
Rahul Joshi (D) - Teacher
Russell Best (IAP) - Real Estate Developer, Mortgage Broker, Navy Veteran & '18 Gov Nominee
Darryl Baber (L)

Congressman Walter Baring

District 3:
Susie Lee (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Randy Hynes (D) - Cloud Programmer & Army Veteran
April Becker (R) - Attorney & '20 State Sen Nominee
Clark Bossert (R) - UNLV Machine Shop Manager
Al Goldberg (R) - Real Estate Broker
John Kovacs (R) - Building Contractor, Civil Engineer & Ex-NJ Town School Board Member
Noah Malgeri (R) - Attorney, Engineer & Army Veteran
Robert Bruce Morris (I)

District 4:
Steven Horsford (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Annie Black (R) - State Assemblywoman & Ex-Mesquite City Councilwoman
Chance Bonaventura (R) - City Council Aide & Conservative Activist
Sam Peters (R) - Insurance Agency Owner & '20 Candidate
John Johnson (I)

Nevada Independent American Party


Nevada Democratic Party (D)
Nevada Green Party (G)
Independent American Party of Nevada (IAP)
Libertarian Party of Nevada (L)
Nevada Republican Party (R)
Independent (I) / Nonpartisan (NP)

John Ensign for Congress


Secretary of State's Office (Results)

Barbara Vucanovich


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Paul Laxalt - 1980

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Charles Laws - Green Party


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