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Your complete directory of New Jersey candidates for Governor, State Cabinet, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle ... state political parties ... the official state election office ... and state news sources.

"Politics1 is a dream site for political junkies." -- The Bergen Record

Bill Bradley - 1978

Primary Filing Deadline: April 4, 2022
Third Party & Indep Filing Deadline: June 7, 2022
Primary: June 7, 2022
Bold = Active Candidate
Italics = Potential Candidate
* = Incumbent
won = Winner
(Incumbent Party Listed First)

This page was last updated on May 9, 2022

[ Phil Murphy (D)* - Term-Limited in 2025. ]
Sheila Oliver (D) - Lt Governor, Ex-State Assembly Speaker & Ex-Essex County Freeholder

Steve Sweeney (D) - Ex-State Senate President
Jack Ciattarelli (R) - Ex-State Assemblyman, Ex-Somerset County Freeholder & '17/'21 Candidate

Next State Constitutional Officer Elections in 2025.

Christie Whitman - 1993

Sheila Oliver (D)*


State Assembly- ( Democratic Caucus - Republican Caucus )

State Senate - ( Democratic Caucus - Republican Caucus )

Jim Florio - 1989


Bob Menendez (D)* - (Campaign Site) - Next Election in 2024.
Steve Fulop (D) - Jersey City Mayor, Investment Banker & Iraq War Veteran

Clifford Case - 1954

Cory Booker (D)* - (Campaign Site) - Next Election in 2026.


District 1:
Donald Norcross (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Mario DeSantis (D) - Teacher, Musician & Progressive Activist
Damon Galdo (R) - Construction Superintendent
Claire Gustafson (R) - Ex-School Board Member, Businesswoman & Frequent Candidate
Isaiah Fletcher (L)
Patricia Kline (I) - Marketing Consultant & College Professor
Chuck Park (I) - Network Administrator

District 2:
Jeff Van Drew (R)* - (Campaign Site)
John Barker (R) - Businessman & Army Veteran
Sean Pignatelli (R) - Carpentry Contractor
Tim Alexander (D) - Attorney & Ex-Police Officer
Carolyn Rush (D) - Engineer
Mike Gallo (L)

Dick Zimmer for Congress

District 3:
Andy Kim (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Reuven Hendler (D) - Engineering Project Manager
Nicholas Ferrara (R) - Realtor & Attorney
Bob Healey (R) - Yacht Manufacturer, Yoga Instructor & Ex-Punk Rock Musician
Ian Smith (R) - Gym Owner, Anti-Lockdown Activist & Felon
Christopher Russomanno (L)

District 4:
Chris Smith (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Mike Blasi (R) - Realtor, Retired Police Officer & Army Veteran
Mike Crispi (R) - Businessman, Podcast Host & '17 County Freeholder Candidate
Tricia Flanagan (R) - Business Consultant, Biochemist & '18/'20 US Sen Candidate
Daniel Francisco (R) - Englishtown Borough Councilman & Conservative Activist
Steve Gray (R) - Retired FBI Agent
Matt Jenkins (D) - General Contractor, Ex-Biochemical Researcher
Jason Cullen (L)

District 5:
Josh Gottheimer (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Nick DeGregorio (R) - Financial Trader & Iraq/Afghan War Veteran
Frank Pallotta (R) - Investment Banker & '20 Nominee
Fred Schneiderman (R) - Investment Executive
Sab Skenderi (R) - College Student, Libertarian Activist & '16 Surrogate Candidate
Jeremy Marcus (L)

Jules Levin - Socialist for Congress

District 6:
Frank Pallone (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Sue Kiley (R) - Monmouth County Commissioner, Ex-Hazlet Mayor & Nurse
Rik Mehta (R) - Pharmaceutical Executive, Attorney & '20 US Sen Nominee
Gregg Mele (R) - Attorney & Frequent Candidate
Tom Toomey (R) - Businessman & Ex-RNC Staffer
Tara Fisher (L)

District 7:
Tom Malinowski (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Roger Bacon (D) - Businessman, Veteran & Frequent Candidate
Kevin Dorlon (R) - Public Works Contractor
John Flora (R) - Fredon Mayor & Businessman
John Isemann (R) - Businessman
Tom Kean Jr. (R) - State Senate Minority Leader, Ex-State Assemblyman & '20 Nominee
Erik Peterson (R) - State Assemblyman, Ex-Hunterdon County Freeholder & Attorney
Phil Rizzo (R) - Pastor, Ex-Real Estate Developer, Conservative Activist & '21 Gov Candidate
Sterling Schwab (R) - Logistics Executive & Retired Navy Officer
Clayton Pajunas (L)
Veronica Fernandez (I) - Electrical Contractor & Ex-Insurance Underwriter

District 8:
[ Albio Sires (D)* - Retiring in 2022. ]
Eugene Mazo (D) - Law Professor, Attorney & '20 Candidate
Rob Menendez (D) - NJ/NYC Port Authority Commissioner, Attorney & Son of US Sen Bob Menendez
David Ocampo Grajales (D) - Businessman & Progressive Activist
Ane Roseborough-Eberhard (D) - Teacher
Brian Varela (D) - Digital Marketing Executive & Ex-Governor Office Intern
Marcos Arroyo (R) - City Housing Inspector
Dan Delaney (L) - Website Developer & Frequent Candidate

Bob Torricelli for Congress - 1982

District 9:
Bill Pascrell (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Billy Prempeh (R) - Sales Consultant, USAF Veteran & '20 Nominee
Sean Armstrong (L)

District 10:
Donald Payne Jr. (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Akil Khalfani (D) - College Professor, Sociologist & '20 Candidate
Imani Oakley (D) - Attorney, Political Organizer & Progressive Activist
David Pinckney (R) - Teacher & Frequent Candidate
Garth Stewart (R)
Kendal Ludden (L)

Congresswoman Marge Roukema

District 11:
Mikie Sherrill (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Toby Anderson (R) - Businessman & Iraq War Veteran
Paul DeGroot (R) - Attorney & Ex-Congressional Intern
Alex Halter (R) - Real Estate Consultant & MAGA Activist
Ruth McAndrew (R) - Farmer & Nurse
Tayfun Selen (R) - Morris County Commissioner, Ex-Chatham Mayor & Businessman
Joe Biasco (L) - Police Officer

District 12:
Bonnie Watson-Coleman (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Nick Catucci (R) - Businessman
Darius Mayfield (R) - Talent Manager, Podcast Host & MAGA Activist
Lynn Genrich (L)

Liz Macron - Libertarian


Constitution Party of New Jersey (C)
New Jersey Democratic Party (D)
Green Party of New Jersey (G)
NJ Legalize Marijuana Party (LMP)
New Jersey Libertarian Party (L)
New Jersey Republican Party (R)
Socialist Workers Party (SWP)
Independent (I)
Write-In (WI)


State Division of Elections

State Election Law Enforcement Commission

Jim McGreevey for Governor


Asbury Park Press
The Press of Atlantic City
Bergen Record
Bridgeton Evening News
Bridgewater Courier-News
Burlington County Times
Business News New Jersey
Camden Courier-Post
East Brunswick Home News & Tribune
Gloucester County Times
Hudson County Jersey Journal
Hunterdon County Democrat

Charlie Sandman for Governor - 1973 - Gannett State Bureau Report
Manahawkin Times Beacon
Morris County Daily Record
Newark Star-Ledger
New Jersey Globe
New Jersey Herald (Sussex County)
New Jersey Online (Newark Star-Ledger & Trenton Times)
New Jersey Public Television & Radio (PBS)
New Jersey Reporter (Public Policy Center of New Jersey) News
- (Politics Section)
NJTV Public Television
NJ Voter Information (Rutgers University)
News-12 New Jersey (TV - Cablevision)
North Jersey Herald News (Passaic County)
Princeton Packet
Salem County Today's Sunbeam
Trenton Times
The Trentonian
Westfield Leader
WZBN TV-25 (Cablevision - Mercer)

Yes Casinos - Atlantic City - 1978


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