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Your complete directory of Maryland candidates for Governor, State Cabinet, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle ... state political parties ... the official state election office ... and state news sources.

"It isn't 'official' to political insiders until you see the candidate's name listed on Politics1." -- Governor Larry Hogan (2012)

Harry Hughes for Governor 1978

Filing Deadline (Major Parties): April 15, 2022
Filing Deadline (Third Parties/Indep): August 1, 2022
Filing Deadline (Write-In Candidates): October 20, 2022
Primary: July 19, 2022
Bold = Active Candidate
Italics = Potential Candidate
* = Incumbent
won = Winner
(Incumbent Party Listed First)

This page was last updated on June 14, 2022


(Governor & Lt. Governor candidates run together on tickets in the election.)
[ Larry Hogan (R)* - Term-Limited in 2022. ]
& [ Boyd Rutherford (R)* - Retiring in 2022. ]

Dan Cox (R) - State Del., Attorney, Anti-Masking Activist & '16 US Rep Candidate
& Gordana Schifanelli (R) - Attorney, Financial Advisor & Conservative Activist

Robin Ficker (R) - Ex-State Del., Disbarred Attorney, Anti-Tax Activist & Frequent Candidate
& LeRoy Yegge (R) - Business Manager

Kelly Schulz (R) - Ex-State Commerce Secretary, Ex-State Labor Secretary & Ex-State Del.
& Jeff Woolford (R) - Physician & USAF Reserve Officer

Joe Werner (R) - Attorney, Ex-Democrat & Frequent Candidate
& Minh "Mike" Luong (R)

Rushern Baker (D) - Withdrew, but name remains on primary ballot.
& Nancy Navarro (D) - Withdrew, but name remains on primary ballot.

Jon Baron (D) - Policy Executive, Ex-Nonprofit Executive, Attorney & Ex-Defense Dept Official
& Natalie Williams (D) - Political Consultant, Ex-TV News Producer & Democratic Activist

Peter Franchot (D) - State Comptroller, Ex-State Del., Attorney, Ex-Congressional Aide & Army Veteran
& Monique Anderson-Walker - Prince George's County Councilwoman & Real Estate Broker

Doug Gansler (D) - Ex-Attorney General, Ex-Montgomery County State's Attorney & '14 Candidate
& Candace Hollingsworth (D) - Ex-Hyattsville Mayor, Political Organizer & Ex-Grants Manager

Ralph Jaffe (D) - Retired Teacher & Frequent Candidate
& Mark Greben (D)

Ashwani Jain (D) - Nonprofit Executive, Ex-Obama White Houe Aide & '18 County Council Candidate
& LaTrece Hawkins-Lytes (D) - Medical Advocate & Community Activist

John King (D) - Ex-US Education Secretary, Ex-NY State Education Commissioner & Educator
& Michelle Siri (D) - Attorney & Women's Rights Activist

Wes Moore (D) - Nonprofit Executive, Author, Afghan War Veteran & Anti-Poverty Activist
& Aruna Miller (D) - Ex-State Del., Civil Engineer & '18 US Rep Candidate

Tom Perez (D) - Ex-Democratic National Chair, Ex-Montgomery County Councilman & Attorney
& Shannon Sneed (D) - Ex-Baltimore City Councilwoman & '20 Council President Candidate

Jerome Segal (D) - Retired Professor, Peace Activist, '20 Pres Candidate & '18 US Sen Candidate
& Justiniann Dispenza (D) - Galena Town Councilman, Documentary Filmmaker & Videographer

David Lashar (L) - IT Executive, Ex-State Health Department Official & '18 US Rep Nominee
& Christiana Logansmith (L) - Commercial Cleaning Company Owner & Navy Veteran

Kyle Sefcik (I) - Gym Owner, Ex-Pro MMA Fighter & Gun Rights Activist
& Katie Lee (I) - Personal Trainer

Next State Constitutional Officer Elections in 2022.

George Mahoney for Governor 1958

[ Peter Franchot (D)* - Candidate for Governor in 2022. ]
Tim Adams (D) - Bowie Mayor & Businessman
Brooke Lierman (D) - State Del. & Attorney
Barry Glassman (R) - Harford County Executive, Ex-State Sen. & Ex-State Del.

[ Brian Frosh (D)* - Retiring in 2022. ]
Anthony Brown (D) - Congressman, Ex-Lt Governor, Attorney, Iraq War Veteran & '14 Gov Nominee
Katie Curran O'Malley (D) - Retired District Court Judge, Ex-First Lady & Attorney
Michael Peroutka (R) - Ex-Anne Arundel County Councilman, Retired Attorney & '04 Pres Candidate
Jim Shalleck (R) - Attorney, Community Activist & Frequent Candidate


State House of Delegates

State Senate


Chris Van Hollen (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Michelle Smith (D) - Freedom of Information Act Consultant & Radio Ad Producer
Chris Chaffee (R) - Homebuilding Contractor, Community Activist & Frequent Candidate
George Davis (R) - Test Engineer
Reba Hawkins (R) - Cleaning Service Owner, MAGA Activist & '20 US Rep Candidate
Nnabu Eze (R) - IT Consultant & Frequent Candidate
Lorie Friend (R) - Nurse
Jon McGreevey (R) - QAnon Conspiracy Theorist
Joe Perez (R) - Business Analyst & IT Project Manager
Todd Puglisi (R) - Grocery Store Clerk
James Tarantin (R) - Businessman
John Thormann (R) - Contractual Consultant & Army Veteran

Mac Mathias for Senate - 1974

Ben Cardin (D)* - (Campaign Site) - Next Election in 2024.


District 1:
Andy Harris (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Dave Harden (D) - International Trade Consultant & Ex-US Diplomat
Heather Mizeur (D) - Ex-State Del., Consultant, Organic Farmer & '14 Gov Candidate
Daniel Thibeault (L)

District 2:
C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D)* - (Campaign Site)
George Croom (D) - Goverment Affairs Consultant & National Guard Veteran
Marques Dent (D) - Nonprofit Founder, USAF Veteran & Democratic Activist
Liri Fusha (D) - Nurse & '20 Baltimore Mayor Candidate
Nicolee Ambrose (R) - RNC Member & Ex-Young Republicans National Chair
Berney Flowers (R) - DHS Advisor, Retired USAF Officer & Iraq/Afghan War Veteran
Mike Geppi (R) - Ex-Harford County Councilman, Ex-Depy Health Secretary & Businessman
Lance Griffin (R) - Retired FBI Agent, Ex-Police Officer & National Guard Veteran
Ellen "EJ" McNulty (R) - Public Health Policy Professional & Community Activist
Dave Wallace (R) - Businessman & Frequent Candidate

Roy Dyson for Congress

District 3:
John Sarbanes (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Ben Beardsley (D) - Application Engineer & Progressive Activist
Jake Pretot (D) - Software Developer, Army Veteran & '18/'20 Candidate
Thomas "Pinkston" Harris (R) - Insurance Broker, Teacher & Frequent Candidate
Joe Kelley (R) - Electronics Technician
Yuripzy Morgan (R) - Attorney, Ex-Radio Show Host & '16 Candidate
Antonio Pitocco (R) - Realtor & Conservative Activist
Amal Torres (R) - Defense Contractor & Afghan War Veteran

District 4:
[ Anthony Brown (D)* - Candidate for Attorney General in 2022. ]
Tammy Allison (D) - Attorney & '21 Candidate in Texas
Angela Angel (D) - Ex-State Del., Attorney & '18 St Sen Candidate
James Curtis (D) - Accountant
Donna Edwards (D) - Ex-Congresswoman, Attorney, '16 US Sen Candidate & '18 Co Exec Candidate
Matthew Fogg (D) - Retired Chief Deputy US Marshall & Civil Rights Activist
Gregory Holmes (D) - Business Consultant, Ex-MTA Official, Ex-Republican & Frequent Candidate
Glenn Ivey (D) - Ex-Prince George's County State's Attorney & '12/'16 Candidate
Robert McGhee (D) - Education Counselor
Kim Shelton (D) - Bus Driver & '20 Candidate
Eric Loeb (R) - Technology Professional & '20 Candidate
George McDermott (R) - Construction Company Owner & Frequent Candidate
Jeff Warner (R) - Pastor

District 5:
Steny Hoyer (D)* - (House Majority Leader Site) - (Campaign Site)
Keith Washington (D) - Social Worker, Ex-Police Officer, Retired Army Officer & Felon
Mckayla Wilkes (D) - Administrative Assistant, College Student & '20 Candidate
DuVal Cubero (R) - Commercial Hazmat Driver, Retired Army Veteran & '20 Candidate
Vanessa Hoffman (R) - Businesswoman, Ex-Democrat & '20 Candidate
Toni Jarboe-Duley (R) - Realtor & '10/'14 St Del Candidate
Michael Lemon (R)
Chris Palombi (R) - Website Programmer, Ex-Police Officer & '20 Nominee
Patrick "Lucky" Stevens (R)
Tannis Villanova (R) - Iraq War Veteran & GOP Activist

Helen Delich Bentley for Congress

District 6:
David Trone (D)* - (Campaign Site)
George Gluck (D) - IT Consultant & Frequent Green Party Candidate
Ben Smilowitz (D) - Disaster Relief Acountability Group Executive Director
Heba Machado Zayas (D)
Colt Black (R) - Funeral Home Owner & Ex-Volunteer Firefighter
Matthew Foldi (R) - Journalist & Conservative Activist
Jonathan Jenkins (R) - Software Engineer, Consultant & Iraq War Veteran
Neil Parrott (R) - State Del., Traffic Engineer & '20 Nominee
Bob Poissonnier (R) - Retired Federal Correctional Officer
Mariela Roca (R) - Medical Logistics Specialist & USAF Veteran
Dave August (I) - IT Professional & Army Veteran

District 7:
Kweisi Mfume (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Tashi Davis (D) - Project Manager, Ex-Police Officer & Navy Veteran
Elihu Eli El (D) - Computer Engineer & '10 St Del Candidate
Wayne McNeal (D) - Blue Collar Worker
Ray Bly (R) - Storage Yard Owner, Vietnam War Veteran, Felon & Frequent Candidate
Scott Collier (R) - Construction Contractor & Frequent Candidate
Michael Pearson (R) - Frequent Candidate
Lorrie Sigley (R) - Nurse
Amber Ivey (I) - Statistical Analyst, Law School Graduate & '20 Candidate

District 8:
Jamie Raskin (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Andalib Odulate (D) - Grocery Store Worker
Gregory Coll (R) - Aerospace Engineer, Businessman & '20 Nominee
Michael Yadeta (R) - Civil Engineering Project Manager & '20 Candidate
Andres Garcia (L) - Software Consultant

Kweisi Mfume for Congress


Constitution Party of Maryland (C)
Maryland Democratic Party (D)
Maryland Green Party (G)
Libertarian Party of Maryland (L)
Maryland Republican Party (R)
Working Class Party (WCP)
Independent (I)
Write-In (WI)


Maryland State Board of Elections

Frank Mankiewicz for Congress 1974


Annapolis Capital Gazette
Baltimore Banner
Baltimore Beat
Baltimore Brew
Baltimore Business Journal
Baltimore Jewish Times
Baltimore Sun
The Bay Net
Bay Weekly
Carroll County Times
Cumberland Times-News
Easton Star Democrat
Frederick News-Post
Garrett County Republican
Hagerstown Herald-Mail
Maryland Daily Record (Business & Legal News)
Maryland Matters
Maryland Public Television (MPT)
Maryland Reporter
Montgomery County Media
The Seventh State (Blog)
Southern Maryland Chronicle
Southern Maryland News Net
University of Maryland Diamondback
Washington Post
Washington Times

Bill Shepard for Governor - 1990

WBAL News Radio
WBAL TV-11 (NBC - Baltimore)
WJZ TV-13 (CBS - Baltimore)
WMAR TV-2 (ABC - Baltimore)
WBFF TV-45 (FOX - Baltimore)
WDVM TV-25 (Hagerstown)
WBOC TV-16 (CBS - Salisbury)
WMDT TV-47 (ABC - Salisbury)
WTOP News Radio (DC Metro)
WYPR Public Radio (NPR)


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