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Your complete directory of Georgia candidates for Governor, State Cabinet, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle ... state political parties ... the official state election office ... and state news sources.

"For an independent view, Politics1 offers a strong web starting point to examine the would-be [political] players." -- Atlanta Journal & Constitution

Newt Gingrich

Filing Deadline (Major Parties): March 11, 2022
Filing Deadline (Minor Parties & Indep): August 19, 2022
Filing Deadline (Write-In Candidates): September 13, 2022
State Primary: May 24, 2022
Primary Run-Off: June 21, 2022
General Run-Off (if needed): December 6, 2022
Bold = Active Candidate
Italics = Potential Candidate
* = Incumbent
won = Winner
(Incumbent Party Listed First)

This page was last updated on January 13, 2022


Brian Kemp (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Ames Barnett (R) - Ex-Washington Mayor, Ex-City Councilman & Civil Engineering Firm Owner

Jonathan Garcia (R) - Alt-Right Militia Activist
Vernon Jones (R) - Ex-State Rep., Ex-DeKalb County CEO & Trump Campaign Activist
David Perdue (R) - Ex-US Senator & Businessman
Kandiss Taylor (R) - Educator & '20 US Sen Candidate
Stacey Abrams (D) - Ex-State House Minority Leader, Attorney & '18 Nominee
Shane Hazel (L) - Podcast Host, Iraq War Veteran, '20 US Sen Nom. & '18 US Rep Candidate

Next State Constitutional Officer Elections in 2022.

[ Geoff Duncan (R)* - Retiring in 2022. ]
Steve Gooch (R) - State Sen. & County Development Authority Director

Burt Jones (R) - State Sen., Businessman & Ex-College Football Player
Mack McGregor (R) - Welder, Alt-Right Militia Activist & USMC Veteran
Butch Miller (R) - State Senate President Pro Tempore & Auto Dealer
Jeanne Seaver (R) - Legal Administrator, Community Activist & '10 US Rep Candidate
Erick Allen (D) - State Rep. & Talent Management Consultant
Charlie Bailey (D) - Attorney, Ex-Lt Gov Aide & '18 Atty Gen Nominee
Derrick Jackson (D) - State Rep., Corporate Executive & Retired Navy Officer
Bryan Miller (D) - Nonprofit Executive & Grandson of Ex-US Sen Zell Miller
Renitta Shannon (D) - State Rep. & Progressive Activist

Teresa Tomlinson (D) - Ex-Columbus Mayor, Attorney & '20 US Sen Candidate

Joe Frank Harris & Zell Miller

Brad Raffensperger (R)* - (Campaign Site)
David Belle Isle (R) - Ex-Alpharetta Mayor, Ex-City Councilman, Attorney & '18 Candidate
Jody Hice (R) - Congressman, Pastor & Ex-Radio Talk Show Host
T.J. Hudson (R) - Ex-County Probate Judge, Ex-Jail Deputy & College Student
John Eaves (D) - Ex-Fulton County Commission Chair, '17 Mayor Candidate & '20 US Rep Candidate
Floyd Griffin (D) - Ex-Milledgeville Mayor, Ex-State Sen. & Retired Army Colonel
Bee Nguyen (D) - State Rep. & Ex-Nonprofit Executive
Brenda Nelson-Porter (D) - Naturopathic Doctor & Researcher
Michael Owens (D) - Businessman, Democratic Activist, USMC Veteran & '14/'20 US Rep Candidate
Manswell Peterson (D) - Educator, Ex-Police Officer & Disabled Navy Veteran
Marshall McCart (L) - Realtor & Blogger

Chris Carr (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Jen Jordan (D) - State Sen. & Attorney

Richard Woods (R)* - (Campaign Site)
John Barge (R) - Ex-State Schools Supt., Educator & Frequent Candidate

Michael Duncan (R) - Pike County Schools Superintendent, Ex-High School Principal & Ex-Teacher

Everton Blair (D) - Gwinnett County School Board Chair & Ex-Teacher
Jaha Howard (D) - Cobb County School Board Member & Dentist

[ Gary Black (R)* - Candidate for US Senate in 2022. ]
Will Bentley (R) - Georgia Agribusiness Council President & Rancher

Tyler Harper (R) - State Sen. & Farmer
LeMario Brown (D) - Fort Valley City Commissioner & Farmer
Ricky Dollison (D) - Farmer
Nakita Hemingway (D) - Farmer & Realtor

Quinton Robinson (D) - Ex-USDA State Director, Attorney & Ex-Congressional Aide

Fred Swann (D) - Programmer Analyst, Progressive Activist & '18 Nominee

Johnny Isakson - 1990

John King (R)*- (Campaign Site)
Matthew Wilson (D) - State Rep., Attorney & Ex-Teacher

Mark Butler (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Kartik Bhatt (R) - Property Manager, Animal Control Officer & Community Activist
Bruce Thompson (R) - State Sen., Insurance Agency Owner & Army Veteran

Nancy Thrash (R) - Lamar County Commissioner, Ex-Legislative Aide & Retired Flight Attendant

William Boddie (D) - State Rep., Ex-House Minority Whip & Attorney

Rufus Davis (D) - Ex-Camilla Mayor, Political Organizer & Businessman

Nicole Horn (D) - Businesswoman & Ex-TV News Reporter
Lester Jackson (D) - State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Dentist & Navy Veteran

Andre Oliver (D) - Retail Store Owner, USAF Veteran & '20 St Rep Nominee
Jannquell Peters (D) - Ex-East Point Mayor, Attorney & '20 US Rep Candidate


State House - ( Republican Caucus - Democratic Caucus )

State Senate - ( Republican Caucus - Democratic Caucus )


Raphael Warnock (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Tamara Johnson-Shealey (D) - Businesswoman & Frequent Candidate
Gary Black (R) - State Agriculture Commisssioner & Agribusinessman
Josh Clark (R) - Ex-State Rep. & Businessman

Earl Ehrhart (R) - Ex-State House Minority Whip & Businessman
Melvin Everson (R) - Ex-State Rep., Ex-Snellville City Councilman & Army Veteran

Kelvin King (R) - Construction Company Owner & USAF Veteran

Jack Kingston (R) - Ex-Congressman, Ex-State Rep. & '14 Candidate
Kelly Loeffler (R) - Ex-US Senator & Businesswoman
Harold Melton (R) - Ex-Supreme Court Chief Justice & Ex-Governor's Exec Counsel

James Nestor (R)
Latham Saddler (R) - Banking Executive, Ex-Trump White House Aide & Ex-Navy SEAL
Herschel Walker (R) - Retired Pro Football Player
Chase Oliver (L) - Atlanta Libertarian Party Chair & '20 US Rep Nominee
Eric Johnson (I)

Herman Talmadge - 1980

Jon Ossoff (D)* - (Campaign Site) - Next Election in 2026.


District 1:
Buddy Carter (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Al Davis (D) - Ex-Chatham Commission Chair, Ex-State Labor Commissioner & Ex-State Rep.

Joyce Griggs (D) - Attorney, Retired Army Officer & '00/'20 Nominee
Wade Herring (D) - Attorney & Community Activist
Michelle Munroe (D) - Healthcare Consultant, Ex-Hospital CEO, Nurse & Army Veteran
Joey Palimeno (D) - Veterinary Technician & Democratic Activist

District 2:
Sanford Bishop (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Joe O'Hara (D)

Mike Cheokas (R) - State Rep.

Vivian Childs (R) - Pastor, Trump Campaign Activist & Frequent Candidate

William Crozer (R) - Lobbyist, Attorney & Ex-Trump White House Aide

Jeremy Hunt (R) - Army Veteran & Conservative TV Pundit
Wayne Johnson (R) - Businessman, Ex-USDOE Official, Army Veteran & '20 US Sen Candidate
Rich Robertson (R)
Tracy Taylor (R) - Firefighter, GOP Activist & Frequent Candidate
Chris West (R) - Attorney, GOP Activist & Air National Guard Officer

District 3:
Drew Ferguson (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Jared Craig (R) - Attorney
Rodney Moore (R) - UPS Freight Driver & Photographer
Rhonda Simpson (R)
Sean Weiss (R) - Healthcare Compliance Consultant
Val Almonord (D) - Retired National Health Service Officer, Podiatrist & Army Veteran

Bob Trammell (D) - Ex-State House Minority Leader & Attorney

Pat Swindall - 1986

District 4:
Hank Johnson (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Jonathan Chavez (R)
Johsie Cruz (R) - Dental Office Receptionist, GOP Activist & '20 Nominee
Surrea Ivy (R) - Pastor, Talent Manager & Trump Campaign Activist

District 5:
Nikema Williams (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Ian Anthony Medina (D) - Law School Graduate & NY Resident
Lisa Babbage (R) - Educator, Author, GOP Activist & '20 Candidate
Christian Zimm (R) - Attorney, Realtor & GOP Activist

District 6:
[ Lucy McBath (D)* - Seeking Re-Election in New CD-7. ]
Kimberly Clark Reuter (D) - Licensed Professional Counselor

John Albers (R) - State Sen., Businessman & Volunteer Firefighter
Brandon Beach (R) - State Sen. & Ex-Chamber of Commerce Executive
Greg Dolezal (R) - State Sen., Businessman & Church Official

Jake Evans (R) - Ex-State Ethics Commission Chair & Attorney

Karen Handel (R) - Ex-Congresswoman, Ex-Sec of State, Ex-County Commissioner & '20 Nominee

Meagan Hanson (R) - Ex-State Rep. & Attorney
Blake Harbin (R) - Businessman, Mortgage Broker & '20 Candidate

Joe Lockwood (R) - Milton Mayor & Construction Contractor

Rich McCormick (R) - Physician, Retired Navy Officer, Afghan War Veteran & '20 Nominee
Paulette Smith (R) - Retired Hair Salon Owner, GOP Activist & '20 Candidate
Mallory Staples (R) - Teacher
Suzi Voyles (R) - Conservative Political Organizer & '16 City Council Candidate

District 7:
Carolyn Bourdeaux (D)* - Old CD-7 Incumbent - (Campaign Site)
Lucy McBath (D)*
- Old CD-6 Incumbent - (Campaign Site)
Donna McLeod (D) - State Rep., Business Consultant & Chemical Engineer
Mike Corbin (R) - Telecommunications Network Integration Director
Elfreda Desvignes (R) - Businesswoman & Community Activist
Yahanseh "YG" George (R) - Political Consultant & Religious Conservative Activist
Mark Gonsalves (R) - Businessman & Real Estate Investor
Mary West (R) - Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Businesswoman, Army Veteran & '18 Candidate
Eugene Yu (R) - Retired Businessman, Army Veteran & Frequent Candidate

Andrew Young for Congress - 1970

District 8:
Austin Scott (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Michael Reece (R) - HVAC Contractor & '15 St Sen Candidate

David Cooke (D) - Ex-Macon District Attorney
J.D. Rice (D) - Retired Valdosta Fire Chief, Army Veteran & '19 Mayor Candidate

Mark Mosley (L) - Libertarian Activist

District 9:
Andrew Clyde (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Paul Walton (D) - Hull Mayor, Ex-City Councilman & Computer Consultant

District 10:
[ Jody Hice (R)* - Candidate for Secretary of State in 2022. ]
Andrew Alvey (R) - Nonprofit Group Program Director & Community Activist
Timothy Barr (R) - State Rep. & Building Contractor

Ames Barnett (R) - Ex-Washington Mayor, Ex-City Councilman & Civil Engineering Firm Owner

Paul Broun (R) - Ex-Congressman, Physician & Frequent Candidate
Mike Collins (R) - Trucking Company Owner & '14 Candidate

Bill Cowsert (R) - State Sen. & Attorney

David Curry (R) - Ex-State Revenue Commissioner & Ex-Henry County Tax Commissioner

Houston Gaines (R) - State Rep. & Financial Advisor

Todd Heussner (R) - Retired Army Colonel & Iraq/Afghan War Veteran

Jodi Lott (R) - State Rep., Physical Therapy Clinic Owner & Nurse

Marc McMain (R) - Local Magazine Publisher & Realtor

John Padgett (R) - Ex-State GOP Chair & Businessman

Matt Richards (R) - Businessman
Charles Rupert (R) - Retired Bank Fraud Examiner & Ex-Police Officer
Alan Sims (R) - Retired USAF Colonel
Mitchell Swan (R) - Retired USMC Colonel, Investment Advisor & '14 Candidate
Patrick Witt (R) - Attorney, Ex-Trump Admin OPM Offical & Ex-Management Consultant

Clyde Elrod (D) - Electrical Contractor Project Manager & '20 Candidate

Tabitha Johnson-Green (D) - Retired Nurse & '18/'20 Nominee
Phyllis Hatcher (D) - Pastor, '18 St Sen Nominee & '16 County Comm Candidate

District 11:
Barry Loudermilk (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Antonio Daza (D) - Ballroom Dance Instructor
Heather Kilpatrick (D) - Biotechnology Firm Operations Director
Angela Grace Davis (I) - Actress & Covid Testing Technician

Pat Swindall - 1986

District 12:
Rick Allen (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Neil Singleton (R) - Ex-Police Officer, Army Veteran & '20 State Sen Candidate
Liz Johnson (D) - Ex-DNC Member, Retired Insurance Agent & Frequent Candidate

Dubose Porter (D) - Ex-State Democratic Chair, Ex-State Rep., Attorney & '10 Gov Candidate

District 13:
David Scott (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Mark Baker (D) - South Fulton City Councilman & Retired School Resource Officer
A.D. Gray (D) - Law Student, Ex-Atlanta City Council Aide & Iraq War Veteran
Jerrod Knapp (D) - Realtor
Caesar Gonzales (R) - Aerospace Engineer, Businessman & '20 Candidate
Calina Plotky (R) - Attorney
Martin Cowen (L) - Retired Attorney, Ex-County Probate Judge & '18/'20 Nominee

District 14:
Marjorie Taylor Greene (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Mark Clay (R)

John Cowan (R) - Surgeon, Businessman & '20 Candidate

Eric Cunningham (R) - Sales Executive & Ex-Transportation Executive

Chuck Hufstetler (R) - State Sen. & Anesthesiologist

Charles Lutin (R) - Physician & Iraq War Veteran
Jennifer Strahan (R) - Healthcare Management Consulting Firm Owner
Lateefah Conner (D) - Dental Office CFO & Ex-Grant Manager & Ex-Legislative Aide
Wendy Davis (D) - Rome City Commissioner, DNC Member & Political Consultant
Marcus Flowers (D) - Client Account Manager & Army Veteran
Holly McCormack (D) - Businesswoman
Angela Pence (L) - Libertarian Activist


Democratic State Convention - 1982

Constitution Party of Georgia (C)
Democratic Party of Georgia (D)
Georgia Green Party (G)
Libertarian Party of Georgia (L)
Georgia Republican Party (R)
Independent (I)
Write-In (WI)

Sen. Sam Nunn


Secretary of State's Office


Bert Lance for Governor - 1974

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Max Cleland

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Sen Paul Coverdell - 1998

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