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of New Jersey
Workers World Party Presidential Nominee


POLITICAL: Workers World Party political activist since 1973. Joined the Workers World Party's national leadership in 1979. Workers World Party/Peace & Freedom Party nominee for President, 1996 (earned ballot status in 12 states - 29,000 votes - 0.03%).

PROFESSIONAL: Former school teacher. Militant unionist and communist political organizer, since the 1970s. Contributing Editor, Workers World newspaper, 1990s. Co-Author, Feminism and Marxism in the 90's, 1990.

EDUCATION: Holds a college degree, but further details unknown.

PERSONAL: Born in 1952 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Religious Atheist.

GLORIA E. LaRIVA of California
Workers World Party
Vice Presidential Nominee

LaRiva -- a frequent nominee for state and local office in Califoria under the banner of the Peace & Freedom Party -- was the WWP's Vice Presidential nominee in 1984, 1988 & 1996 and the Presidential nominee in 1992. LaRiva proudly notes that is a Hispanic, militant trade unionist, Marxist, working class printer and anti-war activist. She is a staunch supporter of Cuban leader Fidel Castro and the North Korean government -- and has harshly denounced the US government for alleged "war crimes" against Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War and subsequent economic sanctions. In a 1999 speech, LaRiva stated that she agreed with Castro that the collapse of the Soviet Union was "the greatest tragedy in the history of the working class ... The 20th century will be remembered not as the century in which socialism died, but as the century in which it was born -- in the Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union." Born on August 13, 1954 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, LaRiva formerly attended Brandeis University.


Moorehead / LaRiva Campaign - Official Campaign Site.
Workers World Party - Official National Site.
Workers World - Official WWP Newspaper.
National Peoples Campaign - WWP Activist Organization.
Mumia 2000 - WWP Activist Organization.


The WWP likes to describe their national ticket -- Moorehead is African-American and LaRiva is Hispanic -- as "two workers, two women of color." The Moorehead-LaRiva ticket is a replay of the WWP's 1996 ticket. According to her official biography, Moorehead first became active in radical left politics while attending high school in Virginia. She distributed newspapers for the Black Panther Party before finally joining the pro-Cuba/pro-Soviet WWP in 1973. Originally, a school teacher, she became a militant unionist and communist organizer in the 1970s and joined the WWP's national leadership in 1979. During the 1980s, she helped organize anti-Reagan protests under the name of the All-Peoples Congress. In recent years, Moorehead has been the national leader of the WWP and also serves as the contributing editor for the WWP's official newspaper. In her last campaign, she called for a tripling of the minimum wage and "full equality" for gays & lesbians. A recent review of the WWP newspaper shows that Moorehead remains a dedicated, dogmatic and unapologetic Cuban-style communist, expressing open support for the failed Soviet Union, Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein and other US foes. The Workers World newspaper reported in November 1999 that the goal of the WWP's 2000 ticket will be "to bring a struggle-oriented Marxism to a broad audience." It was further announced at the WWP's national convention that "in order to concentrate the party's efforts on the Mumia struggle, the [Moorehead-LaRiva] election campaign will not go into high gear until [late in 2000]." The WWP ticket secured ballot status in Florida, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin.


Cuba at the Crossroads by Fidel Castro, Translated by Gloria LaRiva (1997). This book is a typical work of pro-Castro propaganda. This is yet another book purportedly by Castro which lauds the alleged "success" of communism on the island -- while dogmatically denouncing capitalism. VP nominee LaRiva is the authorized translator of this Castro tome. Follow the link to read more about the book. List: $15.95. Your Price: $13.56 (You Save 15%). (Paperback.)

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