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JAMES E. HARRIS JR. of Georgia
Socialist Workers Party Presidential Nominee


POLITICAL: Socialist Workers Party nominee for President, 1996 (on the ballot in 11 states - 8,500 votes - 0.01%). Member, Socialist Workers Party National Committee (National Organizing Secretary, formerly). Socialist Workers Party political organizer, 30+ years. Socialist Workers Party nominee for US Congress (Michigan), 1992. Socialist Workers Party nominee for US Senate (New York), 1988. Chair, Socialist Workers Party of Los Angeles (California), 1980. Socialist Workers Party nominee for US Congress (D.C.), 1971. Socialist Workers Party nominee for Cleveland (Ohio) School Board, 1969. National Leader, Young Socialist Alliance. Founding Member, Black Student Union of Cleveland State University.

PROFESSIONAL: Professional political organizer, but has worked from time-to-time in various other industrial positions (including meatpacker, auto worker and garment worker) as part of the SWP's mandate that party activists hold working class jobs in order to better organize the workers. Former Staff Writer, The Militant (Socialist Workers Party newspaper). Staff Member, National Student Coalition Against Racism, 1977-78. Staff Member, Student Mobilization Committee Against the War in Vietnam, 1971.

EDUCATION: Attended Cleveland State University.

PERSONAL: Born 1948 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Socialist Workers Party
Vice Presidential Nominee

Trowe -- a militant labor union and women's rights activist -- has served on the Socialist Workers Party National Committee and organized several party branches around the nation. She has proudly been a communist political activist since the late 1960s, openly pledging support for the policies of the Soviet Union and Cuban President Fidel Castro. Although she holds a college degree, Trowe has worked over the years as a meatpacker, a bus driver, a sheet-metal grinder, a shipyard welder and various other industrial positions to strengthen her position as a SWP political organizer. Trowe was also the SWP nominee for Seattle (Washington) Mayor in 1977 and for US Senator in Iowa in 1998 (2,400 votes - 0.2%).


Socialist Workers Campaign - Official
The Militant - Official SWP Newspaper.
Perspectiva Mundial - Official SWP Newspaper (Spanish).
Young Socialists - Official SWP Youth Organization.


The Socialist Workers Party has been in electoral decline in recent years, capturing a dwindling number of votes in each Presidential election. This year is unlikely to turn around that trend. That fact is unlikely to matter to the SWP ticket, as they are running to spread a militant Marxist-Leninist message and encourage a workers' uprising. "We are the most realistic campaign ... We explain that the root cause of the problems all workers face is capitalism ... We will explain that we need socialist solutions, and that to achieve this [the] workers and farmers need to make a revolution and take political power," explained nominee Harris in June 2000. Despite the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union over the past decade, the SWP continues to praise Castro's Cuba as "a shining example for all workers." The SWP ticket will appear on the ballot in Colorado, D.C., Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin.


Socialist Workers Campaign
P.O. Box 20169
New York City, NY 10014
E-mail: swpcampaign@usa.net

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