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(Republican - New Hampshire)


POLITICAL: US Senator, 1991-present [elected 1990 (65%), re-elected 1996 (49%)]; Chair, US Senate Ethics Committee. Founder & Chair, Live Free or Die PAC, 1997-present. US Congressman, 1985-91 [elected 1984 (59%), re-elected 1986 (56%), 1988 (60%)]. Unsuccessful GOP Nominee for Congress, 1982 (45%). Unsuccessful candidate for the GOP nomination for Congress, 1980 (2nd of 7 candidates - 24%). Chair, Wentworth Regional School Board, 1978-83. Switched his political affiliation from Republican to US Taxpayers Party in July 1999. Switched his political affiliation from US Taxpayers Party to Independent in August 1999. Switched his affiliation from Independent back to Republican in October 1999.

PROFESSIONAL: High school history teacher & varsity baseball team coach, 1975-84. Real estate broker, 1975-84. US Navy (Vietnam War), 1965-67. US Navy Reserve, 1962-65.

EDUCATION: B.A. (Government), Lafayette College, 1965. Graduate coursework at Long Beach State College, 1968-69.

PERSONAL: Born March 30, 1941 in Trenton, New Jersey. Married to Mary Jo Hutchinson Smith. Four children. Roman Catholic.


Senator Bob Smith - Smith's Senate Office.
Live Free or Die PAC - Smith's PAC.
VoteForSmith.org - Grassroots Supporters (Unauthorized).


Smith, the single most conservative member of the entire US Senate, ran a rather quixotic Presidential campaign. On January 1, 1999, Smith announced his candidacy for the GOP Presidential nomination. In July 1999, Smith quit the GOP and announced he would seek the US Taxpayers Party nomination. Then, in August 1999, Smith announced he would not seek the USTP nomination but instead would run as an Independent. Finally, citing lackluster fundraising totals, Smith withdrew completely from the Presidential race on October 28, 1999. He subsequently endorsed George W. Bush for President and said his brief departure from the GOP had been "a mistake."

(Partial Listing)

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