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Advertising Rates on Politics1

"BlogAds" Rates for our TOP PAGES (Left Sidebar): OUR BEST VALUE

Our traffic statistics show that Politics1 continues to be one of the most popular political sites on the net. Our BlogAds deal is the best value of the site, as it places your ad in the side column of nearly every page on the huge Politics1 site. BlogAds are displayed in the lefthand sidebar on the homepage, on nearly all of our other top pages, and in our blog comment windows. Click here to view the current rates, learn more info, or place an order for a BlogAd in our side column. Click here for more info on our PREMIUM BlogAd spot -- the guaranteed top placement in the side column. Advertisers on Politics1 have included Paramount Pictures, MoveOn.org, US Senator Hillary Clinton, US Senator John Edwards, New Yorker magazine, DCCC, MSNBC, VoiceShot, AARP, Graphic Politics, American Forum, PoliticalWire.com, US Senator Barbara Boxer, ConservativePulse.com, US Senator Patty Murray, US Senator Russ Feingold, Congressman Joe Hoeffel, Congresswoman Melissa Bean, NFIB, Democrats.org, Al Anderson Auctions, Penguin Books, The Nader Factor, America Coming Together (ACT), Accuracy in Media (AIM), NGP Software, Michael Badnarik for President, Mike Peroutka for President, and others.

Premium Main Panel Banner Ad Rates for our TOP PAGES:

In addition to the BlogAds side column, there are opportunities to place horizontal banners (468 x 60 pixels) in prime spots in the main panels of various pages throughout thie site. At the current rate, our homepage is by far the most viewed page on the site (335,000 views/month), followed by our Political Parties page (81,000 views/month), Presidency 2008 page (47,000 views/month), our main States page (38,000 views/month), and our individual profile pages on the Presidential candidates, our News page, main Issues page and The Presidency page, etc.

  • HOMEPAGE BANNER ADS. A hyperlinked, standard-sized banner ad (468 x 60 pixels) on our main homepage is only $750 per month. Add a second banner ad on any other of our other top pages for an additional $250 per month.
  • TOP PAGE BANNER ADS. A hyperlinked, standard-sized banner ad (468 x 60 pixels) on any one of the following pages -- States, News, Parties, Presidency, P2008, and Issues -- is only $350 per month. Add a second banner ad on any other of our pages (excluding the main homepage) -- or add additional months on the same page -- for an additional $250 per month.

Banner Ad Rates for Individual STATE or ISSUE PAGES:

Want to reach people interested in California politics ... or Illinois, Wyoming, or wherever? Want to reach people specifically interested in Gun Issues or Abortion or Trade Issues? A banner ad placed on one of our individual state or issue pages can do exactly that. And, our rates make it affordable for nearly every campaign and company.

  • INDIVIDUAL STATE PAGE BANNER ADS. A hyperlinked, standard-sized banner ad (468 x 60 pixels) on any of our individual state pages is only $50 per month Add a second banner ad on any other individual state or issue page -- or add additional months on the same page -- and deduct 15% from the total price. Click here to learn more.


All advertising on Politics1 is subject to the terms set forth below. Please either pay online by credit card or e-check through PayPal, or mail your payment (payable to "Ron Gunzburger", as Politics1 is a sole proprietorship) to:

Ron Gunzburger
409 N.E. 17th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301-1345

Please be sure to enclose your artwork and/or text on a computer disk or CD-ROM format ... or simply email it to publisher@politics1.com. We will immediately place your ad online upon receipt of payment, unless you otherwise instruct us. We can also accept credit card payment through PayPal (simply email us to make these arrangements). If you still have questions, simply call Politics1 today at 954.448.0403.


  • Length of Ad Run: A year, as used above, is a twelve month period of time starting from the date the listing is first posted online and continuing for 365 consecutive days. A month, as used above, is a one month period starting on the first day an ad is placed online and ending with the same numerical day of the following month (example: an ad that first appears on April 14 will remain continuously online until May 14).
  • Artwork. The Advertiser is responsible for supplying the artwork for the banner ad to Politics1. The banner shall be of a size up to 480 x 60 pixels, in a commonly accepted format (gif, jpg or swf), and in a file size under 25k.
  • Listing Contents. The advertiser is responsible for supplying Politics1 with the proper company name, party affiliation (if any), mailing address, phone, fax, principals, email address and a text hyperlink information.
  • Updates. Politics1 will gladly update said information, at the advertisers request, during the period in which it is posted online.
  • Organization of Contents. The advertisers will be listed in each category in alphabetical order.
  • Rates. All rates subject to change without prior notice. To receive the discounted rates quoted above for additional pages or extended runs, the purchase of all said runs must be made and paid for in full at the same time.
  • Editorial Control. Politics1 does not seek to censor any ads -- and Politics1 will not edit any ad content without the consent of the advertiser. However, Politics1 retains to the right to reject any advertising subjectively deemed inappropriate. Politics1 also routinely places the following (or similar) disclaimer in the smallest possible font size below all paid banner ads displayed on the site (but typically excluding those product and company ads displayed within the Campaign Services Directory): "ADVERTISEMENT: Click here to find out rates for getting your ad on Politics1."
  • Legal Conditions. Politics1 is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Ron Gunzburger, a resident of Broward County, State of Florida. Jurisdiction and venue for any and all actions arising from the operation of the the Politics1 web site shall be in Broward County, State of Florida, and subject to all Florida and federal laws applicable thereto. All terms subject to change without prior notice.
  • Acceptance. Purchase of an advertisement on Politics1 shall be deemed to be an unconditional acceptance of all the terms and conditions set forth above.




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