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Walt Brown Walter F. "Walt" Brown (Oregon)

Socialist Party USA (SPUSA) Presidential nominee Walt Brown competed against Peltier for the PFP Presidential nomination to ensure ballot status in California for the 2004 general election. He fell short, however, losing the PFP primary by 58%-42% vote. Brown subsequently finished third place at the nominating convention with 7 of the 30 delegate votes. Brown, a 78-year-old semi-retired attorney and World War II veteran, served as a Democrat in the Oregon State Senate from 1975-87 (although he's been a member of the SPUSA since 1948). In the early 1990s he broke entirely from the Democrats and founded the Oregon chapter of the SPUSA. Since then, he's been the SPUSA nominee for Congress three times -- and won more than 10,000 votes during his 1998 run. The most centrist of the candidates in the SPUSA race, Brown won the Presidential nomination in a contested fight at the party's national convention in mid-2003. See our Socialist Party: Walt Brown profile for more detailed info and links related to this candidate.

Mumia Abu-Jamal (Pennsylvania) Mumia Abu-Jamal

Marxist and Black Panther journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal (birth name: Wes Cook) -- usually referred to as simply "Mumia" by his supporters -- is currently serving a life sentence for the 1981 murder of a Philadelphia police officer. He was on death row awaiting execution, until a court commuted his sentence to life imprisonment in 2002. Mumia has said he was present when the shooting happened but denied that he was the gunman (although he was found shot at the scene, and with his own handgun lying nearby on the ground) -- claiming he was railroaded because of his radical political activities. Thus -- depending upon whom you believe -- Mumia is either a cop killer or an unjustly convicted political prisoner. Various leftist political parties around the world -- including the PFP and the Workers World Party in the US -- have made Mumia their cause celebre over the years. That's because, even from prison, Mumia remains highly vocal and political. He continues to write his "Live from Death Row" newspaper columns and record radio broadcasts. The topics covered are not just related to his fight for freedom. More often, the topics Mumia discusses from his Marxist perspective range across themes including his opposition to the Iraq War, racism, imperialism, social justice, etc. The current Mumia for President campaign seemed to be yet another effort to generate publicity for his long-running legal fight and the ongoing appeals. The PFP leadership -- at the request of Mumia -- withdrew his name from the ballot in late December 2003, a few weeks after they initially approved placing his name on the primary ballot. In addition to the above link to Mumia's Freedom Journal site, other related links include: Justice for Mumia (Workers World Party support site), Refuse & Resist: Mumia (Marxist grassroots supporters), FreeMumia.org (Socialist Action Party support site), Pacifica Network: Mumia (Mumia's radio show), Mumia.tv (grassroots supporters), Z Magazine: Mumia (Anarchist support site), Free Mumia Coalition NYC (Marxist grassroots supporters), Mumia Must Live (grassroots supporters), Amnesty International: Mumia Abu-Jamal (anti-death penalty site), American Gulag: Free Mumia (Anarchist grassroots supporters), Freiheit für Mumia Abu Jamal (German grassroots supporters), Libérez Mumia (French grassroots supporters), Mumia.dk (Danish grassroots supporters), Mumia.nl (Dutch grassroots supporters), Free Mumia (Japanese grassroots supporters), Justice for Police Officer Daniel Faulkner (anti-Mumia site), Accuracy in Academia: Mumia Still Guilty (conservative anti-Mumia site), and Court TV Case Files: Mumia (media resource).

Ralph Nader Ralph Nader (Connecticut)

Independent Presidential candidate Ralph Nader appeared at the PFP Nominating Convention as a last minute entrant into the race in Summer 2004. He finished second place at the convention with 8 of the 30 delegate votes. "We respect {Nader] as leader. He should have access to ballots in many states ... but we're pretty committed to Peltier," said PFP Chairman Kevin Akin.


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