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Charles Jay CHARLES JAY of Indiana
Personal Choice Party
Presidential Nominee


POLITICAL: Candidate for Libertarian Party Vice Presidential nomination, 2004 (withdrew).

PROFESSIONAL: Publisher, Total Action sports/gambing portal website, 1999-present. Boxing publicist, writer and manager, 1987-present. Spokesman, International Brotherhood of Prizefighters, 2004-present. Member, International Boxing Hall of Fame Election Committee.

EDUCATION: University of Miami, B.A. (Business), 1983.

PERSONAL: Born 1960 in New Jersey. Single ("... and not necessarily looking"). Catholic.

Marilyn Chambers MARILYN CHAMBERS TAYLOR of California
Personal Choice Party
Vice Presidential Nominee

Adult movie star Marilyn Chambers -- a former Ivory Soap model before she turned to porn in the mid-1970s -- is the Personal Choice candidate for Vice President. She made her name starring in such X-rated 1970s and 1980s classics as Behind the Green Door and Insatiable. In the late 1990s, Chambers made a successful return to porn, and she continues to appear in porn flicks today (making her one of the oldest stars to regularly appear these days in mainstream porn). During the period in which she left porn (before her return to the industry), Chambers owned and operated a gun shop. This 2004 VP run is Chambers' first foray into politics. Marilyn Chambers Taylor is her married name.


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Charles Jay is a ideological libertarian -- and was an on-and-off member of the Libertarian Party since the 1980s -- but he ended his bid for the LP Vice Presidential nomination in May 2004 when he was offered the Personal Choice Party's (PCP) Presidential nomination. Boxing and gambing are Jay's big passions in his professional life, and they clearly cross over into his political views. He supports the "reform" of boxing by removing much state government involvement in oversight (in favor of privatization) and opposing any proposals to federalize boxing oversight in the US. His top issue, however, is to permit legalized gambling nationwide. Jay explains: "Gambling is a libertarian pursuit, not only for the vendor, but also, and more importantly, for the consumer as well. The issue of legalized gambling serves as a 'prism' ... by which we can take a look at many other issues that are of great interest to those who prefer Personal Choice, and which should be of interest to ALL citizens." By this, he explains, a candidate (like himself) who is pro-gambling should also naturally be pro-choice, pro-free speech, pro-privacy rights, pro-privatization, pro-personal responsibility, pro-business, pro-gun rights, and against legislating morality, high taxes, and wasteful spending. The PCP already has 2004 ballot status in Utah, so it ensures the Jay-Chambers ticket will at least appear on the ballot there. Jay also plans to seek PCP ballot status in a several other states -- and campaign as a write-in candidate in other states. The PCP was only launched in 2003, so Jay is their first Presidential nominee. Jay explains he selected Chambers -- a personal friend -- as his VP runningmate to "help close the publicity gap" that plagues third parties in the media. He also thought Chambers -- on behalf of the adult entertainment industry and its customers -- is a "symbol" of the first amendment fight currently waging in the US.


Charles Jay for America
1862 S. Scarlet Maple Lane
Elkhart, IN 46514
Email: charlesjay@totalaction.com


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