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Mike Gravel
Former US Senator Maurice R. "Mike" Gravel
(Libertarian - Virginia)


POLITICAL: Alaska State Representative, 1962-66 (elected 1962, 1964). Speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives, 1965-66. Candidate for US Congress, 1966. US Senator from Alaska, 1969-81 (elected 1968, 1974; unsuccessful candidate for renomination in 1980). Candidate for Vice President, 1972 Democratic Convention (226 delegates - 3rd place - 7.5%). Founder & President, Democracy Foundation and National Initiative for Democracy non-profit groups. Candidate for Democratic Presidential nomination, 2008 primaries. Quit the Democratic Party and joined the Libertarian Party, March 2008.

PROFESSIONAL: Author. Real estate developer. US Army, 1951-54.

EDUCATION: B.S. (Economics), Columbia University, 1956.

PERSONAL: Born May 13, 1930, in Springfield, Massachusetts. Married to Whitney Stewart Gravel. Two children, three grandchildren. Unitarian. Moved to Virginia in the 1990s.


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Mike Gravel for President
P.O. Box 948
Arlington, VA 22216-0948
Phone: 703.243.8303
Fax: 703.349.2958
Email: info@gravel2008.us

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