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Evan Bayh
US Senator Birch Evans "Evan" Bayh III
(Democrat - Indiana)



POLITICAL: Secretary of State of Indiana, 1987-89 (elected 1986). Governor of Indiana, 1989-97 (elected 1988 and 1992). Keynote Speaker, 1996 Democratic National Convention. US Senator, 1999 - present (elected 1998, 2004). Co-Founder, New Democratic Coalition, 2000. Chair, Democratic Leadership Council, 2001-05.

PROFESSIONAL: Law Clerk to US District Judge James Noland, 1981-85; Attorney (practiced law: 1985-86 and 1997-98).

EDUCATION: B.S. (Business Economics), Indiana University, 1978. J.D., University of Virginia, 1981.

PERSONAL: Born December 26, 1955, in Shirkieville, Indiana. Married to Susan Breshears Bayh, a law professor. Two children. Episcopalian. Son of former US Senator Birch E. Bayh (D-IN), a 1972 and 1976 Presidential candidate.


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All America PAC
1070 Thomas Jefferson Street, N.W.
Suite 202
Washington DC 20007-3809
Fax: 202.588.7383
Email: info@allamericapac.com

THE EVAN BAYH LIBRARY:From Father to Son by Evan Bayh

From Father to Son: A Private Life in the Public Eye by Evan Bayh (2003) - Evan Bayh used to this book to write about the political tradition in the Bayh family that ran from his father to himself. Bayh recounts his life in the national spotlight with affection and candor. He covered all the highlights of his ongoing career in government: from his father's US Senate campaigns and a sleep-over in the Lincoln Bedroom during the Johnson Administration, to delivering the Keynote address at the 1996 Convention (a moment he shared with his young twin sons). Bayh also used the book to promote a piece of legislation in Congress he touts as "The Responsible Fatherhood Act." This book never received much attention and showed up in few bookstores - but you can find it online. List: $24.99. Your Price: $21.24 (You Save 15%).

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