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Your complete directory of Ohio candidates for Governor, State Cabinet, United States Senator and Congress in the current election cycle ... state political parties ... the official state election office ... and state news sources.

"For an independent view, Politics1 offers a strong web starting point to examine the would-be [political] players."
- Dayton Daily News

Congressman John Ashbrook - 1980

Filing Deadline for Partisan Candidates: February 7, 2018
Filing Deadline for Independents: May 7, 2018
Filing Deadline for Minor Party Candidates: August 13, 2018
Filing Deadline for Write-Ins: August 27, 2018
Primary: May 8, 2018
Bold = Active Candidate
Italics = Potential Candidate
* = Incumbent
= Winner
(Incumbent Party Listed First)

This page was last updated on January 23, 2018


(Note: Governor & Lt. Governor candidates run together on tickets in the primary.)
[ John Kasich (R)* - Term-Limited in 2018. ]

Mike DeWine (R) - Attorney General, Ex-US Senator, Ex-Lt. Governor, Ex-Congressman & Ex-State Sen.
& Jon Husted (R) - Secretary of State, Ex-State Sen. & Ex-State House Speaker

Mary Taylor (R) - Lt. Governor, Ex-State Auditor, Ex-State Rep. & Ex-Green City Councilwoman
& Nathan Estruth (R) - Businessman & Ex-Reagan White House Aide

Richard Cordray (D) - Ex-Attorney General, Ex-State Treasurer, Ex-US CFPB Director & Ex-State Rep.
& Betty Sutton (D) - Ex-Congresswoman, Ex-State Rep., Ex-Summit County Councilwoman & Attorney

Dennis Kucinich (D) - Ex-Congressman, Ex-Cleveland Mayor, Ex-State Sen. & '04/'08 Presidential Candidate

& Tara Samples (D) - Akron City Councilwoman
, Paralegal & Progressive Activist

Bill O'Neill (D) - Supreme Court Justice, Ex-Appeals Court Judge, Nurse, Ex-Journalist & Vietnam War Veteran
& Runningmate Not Yet Named

Connie Pillich (D) - Ex-State Rep., Attorney, USAF Veteran & '14 State Treasurer Nominee
& Scott Schertzer (D) - Marion Mayor, Ex-Marion City Councilman & Ex-Teacher

Joe Schiavoni (D) - State Senate Minority Leader & Attorney
& Stephanie Dodd (D) - State Board of Education Member & Fundraising Consultant

Constance Gadell-Newton (Green) - State Party Co-Chair, Attorney & '16 State Rep. Nominee

& Brett Joseph (Green) - Social Systems Design Consultant, Attorney & Educator

Next State Constitutional Officer Elections in 2018.

Governor Dick Celeste

[ Mary Taylor (R)* - Candidate for Governor in 2018. ]

[ Jon Husted (R)* - Candidate for Lt Governor in 2018. ]
Frank LaRose (R) - State Sen. & Iraq War Veteran
Dorothy Pelanda (R) - State Rep. & Attorney
Kathleen Clyde (D) - State Rep. & Attorney

[ Mike DeWine (R)* - Candidate for Governor in 2018. ]
Dave Yost (R) - State Auditor, Delaware County Prosecutor, Ex-Delaware County Auditor & Attorney
Steve Dettelbach (D) - Ex-US Attorney

Bob Taft

[ Josh Mandel (R)* - Term-Limited in 2018. ]
Robert Sprague (R) - State Rep., Ex-Findlay City Treasurer & Management Consultant

David Leland (D) - State Rep., Ex-State Democratic Chair & Attorney

Rob Richardson (D) - Ex-Univ of Cincinnati Board Chair, Attorney & '17 Cincinnati Mayor Candidate

[ Dave Yost (R)* - Candidate for Attorney General in 2018. ]
Keith Faber (R) - Ex-State Senate President, State Rep. & Attorney

Cliff Rosenberger (R) - State House Speaker, Political Organizer & USAF Veteran
Chase Ritenauer (D) - Lorain Mayor

Zack Space (D) - Ex-Congressman, Attorney & Ex-Dover Law Director

Voinovich - DeWine - 1990


State House - ( Democratic Caucus - Republican Caucus )
State Senate - ( Democratic Caucus - Republican Caucus )


Sherrod Brown (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Melissa Ackison (R) - Surveying Company Owner

Matt Dolan (R) - State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Attorney & Major League Baseball Team Co-Owner

Mike Gibbons (R) - Investment Banker, Attorney & Community Activist

Matt Huffman (R) - State Sen., Ex-House Speaker Pro Tempore, Lima City Councilman & Attorney
Todd Leebow (R) - Steel Company CEO

Jim Renacci (R) - Congressman, Ex-Wadsworth Mayor & Businessman

Jim Tressel (R) - Youngstown State Univ President & Ex-Ohio State Univ Football Coach

US Senator John W Bricker

Rob Portman (R)* - (Campaign Site) - Next Election in 2022.


Jim Traficant for Congress

District 1:
Steve Chabot (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Sam Ronan (R) - USAF Veteran, '16 State Rep. Candidate & Ex-Democrat
Robert Barr (D) - Rabbi

Todd Portune (D) - Hamilton County Commissioner, Ex-Cincinnati City Councilman & Attorney
Aftab Pureval (D) -
Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, Attorney & Bar Owner
Alicia Reece (D) - State Rep. & Ex-Cincinnati City Councilwoman

Sam Ronan (D) - USAF Veteran & Progressive Activist

Laura Ann Weaver (D) - Dentist, Dental Educator & USAF Veteran
Michele Young (D) - Attorney, Community Activist & '16 Nominee
Mike Goldschmidt (Independent) - University Research Associate & Term-Limits Activist

District 2:
Brad Wenstrup (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Richard Crosby (D) - Attorney
Janet Everhard (D) - Retired Physician, Progressive Activist & '16 Candidate
Russ Hurley (D) - Barber, Navy Veteran, Marijuana Legalization Activist & '16 Candidate
Ken McNeely (D) - Brown County Democratic Chair & '14/'16 State Rep. Nominee
Jill Schiller (D) - Non-Profit Group Consultant, Ex-Obama White House Aide & Attorney

District 3:
Joyce Beatty (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Jim Burgess (R) - Businessman, Tea Party Activist & Frequent Candidate
David Lowry (Libertarian)

John Kasich for Congress - 1982

District 4:
Jim Jordan (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Janet Garrett (D) - Retired Teacher, Ex-Teachers Union Local President & '14/'16 Nominee
Andrew Mackey (D) - Deputy Court Clerk

District 5:
Bob Latta (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Todd Wolfrum (R) - Van Wert County Commissioner, Attorney & Newspaper Columnist
J. Michael Galbraith (D) - Financial Advisor & College Instructor
James Neu Jr. (D) - Auto Worker, '16 Nominee & '06 State Rep. Candidate

District 6:
Bill Johnson (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Shawna Roberts (D) - Stay-Home Mother & Ex-Fast Food Worker

Jim Lawrence - Socialist for Congress

District 7:
Bob Gibbs (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Ken Harbaugh (D) - Non-Profit Aid Group Executive & Navy Veteran

District 8:
Warren Davidson (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Jason Gruber (R) - Factory Worker & Volunteer Firefighter
Bill Ebben (D) - Regional Sales Manager, Ex-Teacher & Army Veteran
Ted Jones (D) - Cable-Access TV Show Producer & Quality Management Consultant

District 9:
Marcy Kaptur (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Jimmy Carter - John Freedom - 1976

District 10:
Mike Turner (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Theresa Gasper (D) - Businesswoman
Michael Milisits (D) - Carpet Store Manager & Sanders Campaign Activist

District 11:
Marcia Fudge (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Pamela Pinkney Butts (D) - Minister, Ex-Congressional Aide & '16/'20 President Candidate
James Jerome Bell (I) - Consultant, Notary & '16 Presidential Candidate

District 12 - Special Election - 2018:
Filing Deadline: February 7, 2018 - Independents Filing Deadline: May 7, 2018
Primary: May 8, 2018 - Special General: August 7, 2018

[ Pat Tiberi (R)* - Resigned January 15, 2018. ]
Kevin Bacon (R) - State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Ex-Blendon Township Trustee & Attorney
Troy Balderson (R) - State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Auto Dealer & Farmer

Rick Carfagna (R) - State Rep., Ex-Genoa Township Trustee & Ex-State Legislative Aide

Lawrence Cohen (R) - Attorney
Brandon Grisez (R) - Staffing Firm Account Coordinator & Iraq War Veteran
Jon Halverstadt (R) - Real Estate Agent

Jim Hughes (R) - State Rep., Ex-State Sen. & Attorney
Kris Jordan (R) - State Rep., Ex-Delaware County Commissioner & Ex-State Legislative Aide

Tim Kane (R) - Economist, Author & USAF Veteran
Melanie Leneghan (R) - Liberty Township Trustee & Ex-Marketing Executive
Carol O'Brien (R) - Delaware County Prosecutor & Ex-Asst. Attorney General
Ed Albertson (D) - Businessman, Army Veteran & '16 Nominee
Crystal Lett (D) - Financial Consultant & Children's Health Care Activist
Jackie Patton (D) - District Wellness Initiative Coordinator & Nurse
John Peters (D) - Teacher
John Russell (D) - Farmer & '16 State Rep. Nominee
Zach Scott (D) - Ex-Franklin County Sheriff, Ex-Police Officer & Business Consultant
Doug Wilson (D) - Ex-Ashley Mayor, Respiratory Care Practitioner & Artist
Jonathan Veley (Libertarian) - Attorney

Louis Stokes for Congress

District 13:
Tim Ryan (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Chris DePizzo (R) - Attorney
Kyle Steffel (R) - Business Consultant & Investor

District 14:
Dave Joyce (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Evan Carp (R) - Businessman
Matt Lynch (R) - Ex-State Rep., Ex-Bainbridge Township Trustee, Attorney & '14/'16 Candidate

Darrell Scott (R) - Pastor & Trump Campaign Activist

Betsy Rader (D) - Attorney, '07 Russell Town Trustee Candidate & '04 County Judge Candidate
Adam Hickey (Green) - USMC Veteran

District 15:
Steve Stivers (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Rob Jarvis (D) - Teacher
Rick Neal (D) - International Aid Worker & Peace Corps Veteran
Jonathan Miller (Libertarian) - Service Technician, Karate Instructor & Afghan War Veteran

Ron Mottl & John Glenn

District 16:
[ Jim Renacci (R)* - Candidate for US Senate in 2018. ]
Ron Amstutz (R) - Wayne County Commissioner, Ex-State Rep., Ex-Orville Mayor & Ex-Journalist

Anthony Gonzalez (R) - Technology Executive & Ex-Pro Football Player

Dave Greenspan (R) - State Rep., Ex-Cuyahoga County Councilman & Businessman

Christina Hagan (R) - State Rep.

Larry Obhof (R) - State Senate President & Attorney
Kristina Roegner (R) - State Rep., Ex-Hudson City Councilwoman & Mechanical Engineer

Kit Seryak (R) - Afghan War Veteran & Ex-White House Intern

Scott Wiggam (R) - State Rep., Ex-Wayne County Commissioner, Businessman & USAF Veteran
Dean DePiero (D) - Ex-State House Minority Leader, Ex-Parma Mayor & Attorney

Mark Dent (D) - Attorney & Army Veteran
Aaron Godfrey (D) - Physicist & College Instructor
Grant Goodrich (D) - Non-Profit Executive, Farmer, Environmental Activist & USMC Veteran
TJ Mulloy (D) - Insurance Broker & Ex-Construction Worker


Constitution Party of Ohio
Ohio Democratic Party
Green Party of Ohio
Libertarian Party of Ohio
Ohio Republican Party

Peirce - Libertarian


Secretary of State's Office

Dennis Kucinich for Congress


Akron Beacon-Journal
Ashtabula Star Beacon
Avon Lake Press
Bowling Green News
Bowling Green Sentinel Tribune
Canton Repository
Chagrin Valley Times
Chillicothe Gazette
Cincinnati Enquirer
Cincinnati Post
Cleveland City News Ohio (African-American)
Cleveland Gay People's Chronicle
Cleveland Plain Dealer
- (Politics Section)
Cleveland Scene (Alternative)
Cleveland Sun Newspapers (25 Weekly Newspapers)
Columbiana County Morning Journal
Columbus Communicator News (African-American)
Columbus Dispatch
- (Political Blog)
Columbus Free Press (Alternative)
Cuyohoga County - West Life News
Dayton City Paper (Alternative)
Dayton Daily News
Dayton Defender (African-American)
Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter
Eaton Register-Herald
Elections in Ohio
Findlay Courier
Gongwer News Service: Ohio
Hamilton Journal-News
Lima News
Massillon Independent
Medina Gazette
Merco Hispano
Middletown Journal
Ohio News Network

Ohio State University Sentinel
Oxford Press
Ravenna Record-Courier
Sidney Daily News
Springfield News-Sun
Tiffin Advertiser-Tribune
Toledo Blade
Toledo Journal (African-American)
Wapakoneta Daily News
Warren Tribune Chronicle
Western Star (Warren County)
Willoughby News-Herald
Youngstown Buckeye Review (African-American)
Youngstown Vindicator

Louis Stokes for Congress

Cleveland - Direct Source Radio
WEWS TV-5 (ABC - Cleveland)
WFMJ TV-21 (NBC - Youngstown)
WHIO TV-7 (CBS - Dayton)
WHIO Radio (1290 AM - Dayton)
WKSU Public Radio (89.7 FM - Akron)
WKYC TV-3 (NBC - Akron)
WNWO TV-24 (NBC - Toledo)
WTOL TV-11 (CBS - Toledo)
WTVG TV-13 (ABC - Toledo)
WYSO Public Radio (91.3 FM - Yellow Springs)

Buz Lukens


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