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Your complete directory of Minnesota candidates for Governor, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle ... state political parties ... the official state election office ... and state news sources.

Hubert Humphrey - 1976

Filing Deadline: June 5, 2018
Precinct Caucuses: February 6, 2018
State Conventions: June 2018
Primary: August 14, 2018
Bold = Active Candidate
Italics = Potential Candidate
* = Incumbent
= Winner
(Incumbent Party Listed First)

This page was last updated on March 16, 2018


(Governor & Lt. Governor candidates run together on tickets in the primary.)

[ Mark Dayton (DFL)* - Retiring in 2018. ]
& [ Michelle Fischbach (R)* - Acting Lt Governor - Not a Candidate in 2018. ]

Erin Murphy (DFL) - State Rep., Ex-State House Majority Leader, MN AFL-CIO Board Member & Ex-Nurse
& Runningmate Not Yet Named

Rebecca Otto (DFL) - State Auditor, Ex-State Rep. & Ex-Forest Lake School Board Member
& Runningmate Not Yet Named

Tim Walz (DFL) - Congressman, Ex-Teacher & Retired National Guard NCO
& Peggy Flanagan (D) - State Rep., Political Organizer & Progressive Activist

Bob "Again" Carney (R) - Non-Profit Consultant & Frequent Candidate
& Runningmate Not Yet Named

Christopher Chamberlin (R) - Chaplain, Ex-Telemarketer & '16 Pres. Candidate
& Runningmate Not Yet Named

Kurt Daudt (R) - State House Speaker, Ex-Isanti County Commissioner & Airline Pilot

Keith Downey (R) - Ex-State GOP Chair, Ex-State Rep. & Consultant
& Runningmate Not Yet Named

Jeff Johnson (R) - Hennepin County Commissioner, Ex-State Rep., Attorney & '14 Nominee
& Runningmate Not Yet Named

Mathew Kruse (R) - Self-Employed
& Runningmate Not Yet Named

Lance Johnson (R) - Attorney & Ex-State Commerce Secretary
& Runningmate Not Yet Named

Phillip Parrish (R) - Teacher, Naval Reserve Officer & Afghan War Veteran
& Runningmate Not Yet Named

Tim Pawlenty (R) - Ex-Governor, Ex-State House Majority Leader & '12 Presidential Candidate
& Runningmate Not Yet Named

Ole Savior (R) - Artist & Frequent Candidate
& Runningmate Not Yet Named

Mary Giuliani Stephens (R) - Woodbury Mayor & Attorney
& Runningmate Not Yet Named

Jeffrey Wharton (R) - Farmer & Ex-Metal Fabricator
& Runningmate Not Yet Named

Jenny Rhoades (IP) - City Public Works Employee
& Runningmate Not Yet Named

Next State Constitutional Officer Elections in 2018.

Arne Carlson

Steve Simon (DFL)* - (Campaign Site)

Lori Swanson (DFL)* - (Campaign Site)
Keith Ellison (DFL) - Congressman, Ex-State Rep. & Attorney

Matt Pelikan (DFL) - Attorney & Progressive Activist
Doug Wardlow (R) - Ex-State Rep. & Attorney

Rudy Perpich - Alex Olson - 1978

[ Rebecca Otto (DFL)*
- Candidate for Governor in 2018. ]
Julie Blaha (D) - State AFL-CIO Secretary & Ex-Teacher
Jack Dickinson (DFL) - Businessman
Jon Tollefson (DFL) - Lobbyist, Ex-US Diplomat & '14 State Rep. Candidate
Pam Myhra (R) - Ex-State Rep., Accountant & '14 Lt Gov Candidate

Harold Stassen - 1978


State House - ( DFL Caucus - Republican Caucus )

State Senate
- ( DFL Caucus - Republican Caucus )


Amy Klobuchar (DFL)* - (Campaign Site)
Robert Bamheiser (R) - Businessman, Ex-Minister & Ex-Firefighter
Nikolay Bey (R) - Business Consultant & Frequent Candidate
Forest Hyatt (R) - Businessman, GOP Activist & Frequent Candidate
Jim Newberger (R) - State Rep., Paramedic & Tea Party Activist
Jack Shepard (R) - Dentist, Fugitive Felon Living in Italy, USAF Veteran & Frequent Candidate
Harold Shudlick (R) - Retired Army Chaplain & Frequent Candidate
Paula Overby (Green) - Technology Analyst, Transgender Rights Activist & '14/'16 US Rep. Candidate

Paul Wellstone - 1990

2018 SPECIAL ELECTION (2020 Regular Election):
Tina Smith (DFL)* - (Campaign Site)
Nick Leonard (DFL) - Attorney & LGBT Community Activist
Bob Anderson (R) - Dental Technician, Cable Access TV Show Host & '08/'10 US Rep Candidate
Karin Housley (R) - State Sen., Real Estate Broker & '14 Lt Gov Candidate
Richard Painter (R) - Law Professor, Attorney, Ex-Bush White House Aide & Ethics Reform Activist


District 1:
[ Tim Walz (DFL)* - Candidate for Governor in 2018. ]
Johnny Akzam (DFL) - Website Developer & Progressive Activist
Dan Feehan (DFL) - Ex-US Depy Asst Secretary of Defense & Army Veteran

Nick Frentz (DFL) - State Sen. & Attorney

Vicki Jensen (DFL) - Ex-State Sen., Ex-Owatonna School Board Member & Insurance Agent

Terry Morrow (DFL) - Ex-State Rep. & College Professor
Gene Pelowski (DFL) - State Rep.

Bob Ries (DFL) - Retired College Professor, Businessman & Navy Veteran

Dan Sparks (DFL) - State Sen.

Joe Sullivan (DFL) - Attorney & Clean Energy Activist
Rich Wright (DFL) - Attorney, Army Veteran, '14 State Rep. Candidate & '16 State Sen. Candidate
Jim Hagedorn (R) - Businessman, Ex-Congressional Aide & '14/'16 Nominee
Carla Nelson (R) - State Sen. & Insurance Agency Manager

Nels Pierson (R) - State Rep.
Dave Senjem (R) - State Sen., Ex-State Senate Majority Leader & Ex-Rochester City Councilman

District 2:
Jason Lewis (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Angie Craig (DFL) - Health Care Executive, Community Activist & '16 Nominee
Jeff Erdman (DFL) - Teacher & High School Football Coach
Brad Svenson (IP) - Financial Collection Consultant, Ex-Homebuilder & Cabinet Shop Owner

Arlen Erdahl - 1978

District 3:
Erik Paulsen (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Jim Haugen (DFL) - Technology Consultant & Ex-Republican
Adam Jennings (DFL) - Tonka Bay City Councilman, Businessman & National Guard Veteran
Dean Phillips (DFL) - Businessman & Philanthropist

Brian Santa Maria (DFL) - Corporate Creative Director, Writer & Actor

District 4:
Betty McCollum (DFL)* - (Campaign Site)
Fasil Moghul (DFL) - Property Manager & Ex-Retail Store Manager
Greg Ryan (R) - Plumbing Store Owner & '16 Nominee

District 5:
Keith Ellison (DFL)* - (Campaign Site)
Joe Kovacs (R) - Educational Training Specialist & '17 Minneapolis City Council Candidate

Tim Penny

District 6:
Tom Emmer (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Ian Todd (DFL) - USAF Veteran

District 7:
Collin Peterson (DFL)* - (Campaign Site)
Dave Hughes (R) - Instructor Pilot, Retired USAF Officer, Aerospace Engineer & '16 Nominee
Matt Prosch (R) - Trucking Company Owner & National Guard Veteran
Jayesun Sherman (R) - Windom City Councilman & Pastor

Scott Van Binsbergen (R) - Businessman, Realtor, Ex-Congressional Aide & '06 St Rep Candidate

District 8:
[ Rick Nolan (DFL)* - Retiring in 2018. ]
Kirsten Kennedy (DFL) - North Branch Mayor
Michelle Lee (DFL) - Retired TV News Anchor

Carly Melin (DFL) - Ex-State Rep. & Attorney

Jason Metsa (DFL) - State Rep. & Labor Organizer
Leah Phifer (DFL) - Ex-FBI Counter-Terrorism Analyst
Joe Radinovich (DFL) - Ex-State Rep., Ex-Minneapolis Mayor Chief of Staff & Ex-Labor Organizer

Kurt Daudt (R) - State House Speaker, Ex-Isanti County Commissioner & Airline Pilot

Pete Stauber (R) - St. Louis County Commissioner, Police Officer & Ex-Pro Hockey Player
Ray "Skip" Sandman (IP) - Retired Corrections Officer, Vietnam War Veteran & '14 Candidate

Rudy Boschwitz - 1978


Communist Party of Minnesota
Constitution Party of Minnesota
Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL)
Green Party of Minnesota
Independence Party of Minnesota (IP)
Legalize Marijuana Now Party
Libertarian Party of Minnesota
Republican Party of Minnesota


Secretary of State's Office

Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board

Tim Pawlenty - 2006


Alexandria Echo Press
Annandale Advocate
Austin Daily Herald
Blaine/Spring Lake Park Life
Brainerd Daily Dispatch
Cannon Falls Beacon
Checks & Balances
Coon Rapids Herald
Duluth News-Tribune
Elk River Star News
Grant County Herald
Inside Minnesota Politics
Lake Country Echo / Pine River Journal (Pequot Lakes)
Mankato Free Press
Minneapolis Observer (Alternative)
Minneapolis Star Tribune
- (Politics Section)
Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages (Alternative)
Minnesota Daily (University of Minnesota)
Minnesota Progressive Project
Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder (African-American)
Morrison County Record
New Ulm Journal
Northfield Citizens

Erika Anderson

Page 1 Publications (6 Community Newspapers)
Politics in Minnesota
Republican Minnesota
Rochester Post-Bulletin
Southwest Journal (Minneapolis)
St. Paul Legal Ledger
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Sun Newspapers (Minnesota Community Newspaper Chain)
Thisweek Newspapers (Burnsville)
Tyler Tribute
West Central Tribune (Willmar)
Winona Daily News

KSTP TV-5 (ABC - Minneapolis)

Minnesota Public Radio


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