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Michael Badnarik MICHAEL BADNARIK of Texas
Libertarian Party
Presidential Nominee


POLITICAL: Libertarian nominee for State Representative, 2000 (2nd place - 15,200 votes - 17%) and 2002 (3rd place - 1,100 votes - 2%).

PROFESSIONAL: Self-employed computer consultant, 2001-present. Nuclear power industry computer programmer, 1977-2001. Skydiving instructor, 1998-present.

EDUCATION: Indiana University, attended 1972-77.

PERSONAL: Born August 1, 1954, in Hammond, Indiana. Single.

Richard Campagna RICHARD CAMPAGNA of Iowa
Libertarian Party
Vice Presidential Nominee

Richard Campagna is a self-described "multi-disciplinary professional" with a career in public and community service. He is also an international businessman, a university instructor, an attorney, a consultant, and a psychological counselor. He holds degrees from Brown University (B.A.), New York University (M.A.), St. John's University (J.D.), Columbia University (M.A.) and the American College of Metaphysical Theology (Ph.D. -- although this last "school" is a diploma mill that sells Ph.D. degrees for $249). He is also a returning scholar at the University of Chicago and fluent in six languages. Originally from New York, Campagna has lived in Iowa since 1991. He is married and has one college-aged son. Campagna explains his views as follows: "In education, law and life, the 'existential' and 'libertarian' approaches are most consistent with the human condition. Isn't it about time we introduced these philosophies and approaches into our daily existence and our government?" Campagna wants to find ways to make the Libertarian Party more successfully appeal to mainstream voters. In 2002, he was the LP nominee for Iowa Lieutenant Governor (4th place - 13,100 votes - 1.2%).


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Michael Badnarik -- a gun rights activist and proclaimed "constitutional scholar" -- was one of the first candidates to jump into the 2004 Libertarian Presidential contest. While Badnarik supports all of the various LP positions, he has made his staunch support for gun rights the top item on his political agenda. He hopes his campaign will give him an opportunity to "teach people about the Constitution, and the liberties that it is designed to protect." That's why his official slogan is: "Lighting the fires of liberty, one heart at a time." Badnarik was among the most active of the LP candidates, frequently flying to party events around the nation before the LP National Convention. He was viewed as the darkhorse even at the start of the convention, but then he made a strong impression during the candidate's debate before the first ballot. He finished a surprisingly strong second place on the first ballot -- only two voters behind first-place finisher Aaron Russo (258 to 256). By the third ballot -- with the support of former rival Gary Nolan, who dropped out after the second ballot -- Badnarik scored a 423-344 victory over Russo. "If I can win the nomination, there's no reason I can't win this election," Badnarik told the cheering LP delegates after winning the nomination. In reality, Badnarik harbors no illusions that he can win the elections -- but he wants to use his candidacy as an educational platform for his libertarian, anti-Iraq War, and pro-gun rights views. Badnarik is one of the hardcore libertarians in the LP who dislikes nearly any and all government intrusions into people's lives. It turns out that Badnarik is more than just talk. Badnarik says that the federal income tax has "no legal authority" and that people are justified in refusing to file a tax return "until such time as the IRS provides them with an explanation of its authority to collect the tax." Accordingly, he hasn't filed any federal tax return in many years. He also moved to Texas specifically because of the state's liberal gun ownership laws. However, Badnarik refuses to get a driver's license because the state requires drivers to provide fingerprints and Social Security numbers -- resulting in Badnarik getting several tickets for driving without a license. Amusingly, Badnarik even refuses to use zip codes when he writes letters because he sees them as illegal "federal territories." The LP has slipped to fifth place in the 1996 and 2000 Presidential elections. However -- with the implosion of Ross Perot's former Reform Party -- Badnarik and the LP are likely to return to at least a fourth place finish (and possibly third, depending on what happens with ballot access matters involving Ralph Nader and the Greens).


Michael Badnarik for President
P.O. Box 841
Buda, TX 78601
Email: campaign@badnarik.org


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