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Presidency 2004

Dennis Kucinich

(Democrat - Ohio)

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POLITICAL: Cleveland City Councilman, 1970-75 and 1983-85; Democratic Kucinich - 1972nominee for Congress, 1972; Cleveland Clerk of Municipal Courts, 1975-77; Mayor of Cleveland, 1977-79 (elected in 1977; defeated for re-election in 1979); State Senator, 1995-97; US Congressman, 1997-present (elected in 1996, re-elected in 1998, 2000 & 2002).

PROFESSIONAL: Radio talk show host, 1979 & 1989; Lecturer, 1980-83; Energy Consultant,1986-94; TV News Reporter, 1989-92.

EDUCATION: Attended Cleveland State University, 1967-70. B.A. & M.A., Case Western Reserve University, 1973.

PERSONAL: Born October 8, 1946, in Cleveland, Ohio. Divorced. One child. Catholic.

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(Partial Listing)

S.F. Bd. of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez (Green-CA)
Ex-State Sen. Tom Hayden (D-CA)
Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey (D-CA)
2000 NLP Pres. Nominee John Hagelin (NLP-IA)
State Senate Majority Leader John Hottinger (D-MN)
1996/2000 Green VP Nominee Winona LaDuke (G-MN)
State Sen. John Marty (D-MN)
New Hampshire Green Party
State PSC Commissioner E. Shirley Baca (D-NM)
State Supreme Court Justice Frank Barbaro (D-NY)
State Sen. Dan Brady (D-OH)
State Rep. Michael DeBose (D-OH)
State Rep. Annie Key (D-OH)
State Rep. Dale Miller (D-OH)
State Sen. C.J. Prentiss (D-OH)
State Rep. Michael Skindell (D-OH)
1998 Governor Nominee Ed Garvey (D-WI)


Prayer for AmericaA Prayer for America by Dennis Kucinich (2003). This book is a compilation of Congressman Kucinich's most notable speeches. The title of the book comes from the title of his February 2002 speech to the liberal Americans for Democratic Action gathering. In the speech, Kucinich said that it was "patriotic" to dissent against the purported extra-constitutional measures the Bush Administration wanted to use in the War on Terrorism. That speech launched the "Draft Kucinich" effort which, in turn, encouraged Kucinich to formally enter the race. The book also includes speeches on one of his favorite topics: creation of a Department of Peace to address social ills as diverse as spousal abuse, police-community relations, and international diplomacy. Some of the speeches contain the New Age rhetoric of which Kucinich is so fond ("Spirit merges with matter to sanctify the universe. Matter transcends, to return to spirit."). With a forward by writer Studs Terkel. List: $11.95. Your Price: $9.56 (You save 20%). Paperback.


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