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(See also: the International Trade links page.)

Jimmy Hoffa for IBT President

ACORN: Living Wage Resource Center - Pro-"Living Wage" Resource/Database
AFL-CIO - National Labor Union Organization
Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) - Pro-Business / Anti-Labor Union Organization
Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC) - Pro-Business PAC
Change to Win - National Labor Union Organization (SEIU, Teamsters, UFW, Carpenters, Laborers, etc.)
CorpWatch - Liberal Anti-Corporate Globalization Organization
Daily Labor News Digest - Leftist Pro-Labor Union News Site
Employment Policies Institute - Pro-Business Think Tank
Employment Policy Foundation - Pro-Business Think Tank
George Meany Center for Labor Studies - Pro-Labor Union Think Tank
Heritage Foundation: Labor Home Page - Conservative Think Tank
Institute of Industrial Relations (UC-Berkeley) - Liberal Think Tank
Industrial Workers of the World ("Wobblies") - Militant Left Labor Organization
Labour Start - International Pro-Labor Union News Site
Labor Beat - Pro-Labor Union News & Resources
LaborNet - Pro-Labor Union News & Resources
Labor Notes - Pro-Labor Union News Site
National Day Laborers Organizing Network - Labor Organizing Group
National Federation of Independent Business - Pro-Business Organization
National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation - Anti-Labor Union Organization
National Small Business Association - Pro-Business Organization
Union Resource Network - Pro-Labor Union Resource/Database
United for a Fair Economy - Liberal Organization
US Chamber of Commerce - Pro-Business Organization
US Department of Labor - Federal Government Agency
Workers' International Industrial Union - Militant Left Labor Organization



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