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Gay/Lesbian Vote 1985 - New York City


Advocate - Gay News Magazine
American Veterans for Equal Rights - Gay Veterans
BlogActive - Liberal Gay Political News
Equality Campaign - Gay Political Organization
Freedom to Marry Coalition - Pro-Gay Marriage Organization
Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders - Gay Legal Organization
Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) - Gay Organization
Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund - Liberal Gay PAC
Gay Liberation Network - Gay Direct Action Organization
Gay News Blog - Gay News Site
GoodAsYou.org - Gay News Site
Human Rights Campaign - Gay PAC
Independent Gay Forum - Gay Libertarians & Conservatives
Join The Impact - Gay Rights Organization
Lavender Green Caucus (Green Party) - Gay Greens
Log Cabin Republicans - Gay Republicans
Marriage Equality USA - Gay Organization
Metropolitan Community Churches - Gay Christians
National Black Justice Coalition - Gay African-Americans
National Center for Lesbian Rights - Gay Organization
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force - Liberal Gay Organization
National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association - Gay Organization
New Civil Rights Movement - Gay Organization
Outright Libertarians - Gay Libertarians
National Stonewall Democratic Federation - Gay Democrats
PageOneQ - Liberal Gay News Site
Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG) - Pro-Gay Organization
Planet Out: NewsPlanet - Gay News/Resource
Pride at Work - Gay Labor Organization
Rainbow World Fund - Gay Humanitarian Service Organization
Republican Unity Coalition - Pro-Gay Republicans
Mike Signorile - Gay Liberal Columnist


Abiding Truth Ministries: Defending the Family - Christian Anti-Gay Rights Organization
American Family Association - Christian Anti-Gay Rights Organization
Americans for Truth - Christian Anti-Gay Rights Organization
Campaign for Working Families - Christian Anti-Gay Rights PAC
Center for Reclaiming America - Christian Anti-Gay Rights Organization
Christian Coalition of America - Christian Anti-Gay Rights PAC
Culture & Family Institute - Christian Anti-Gay Rights Organization
Exodus International - Christian "Ex-Gays" Organization
Family Research Council - Christian Anti-Gay Rights Organization
Focus on the Family - Christian Anti-Gay Rights Organization
Forerunner International: Homosexuality - Christian Anti-Gay Rights Organization
GodHatesFags.com - Radical Christian Anti-Gay Organization
NoGayMarriage.com - Christian Anti-Gay Rights Organization
Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) - Christian Anti-Gay Rights Organization
Repent America - Christian Anti-Gay Rights Organization
Save Our Scouts - Anti-Gay Rights (Pro-BSA) Organization
Traditional Values Coalition - Christian Anti-Gay Rights Organization

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