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David Cobb DAVID KEITH COBB of California
Green Party
Presidential Nominee


POLITICAL: Co-Founder, Texas Green Party, 1999. Texas State Coordinator, Nader for President Campaign, 2000. General Counsel, Green Party of the United States, 2000-03. Green Party nominee for Texas Attorney General, 2002 (41,000 votes - 1%). Campaign Director, Reclaim Democracy, 2002-03. Board of Directors, Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County, 2003-present.

PROFESSIONAL: Attorney. Former construction worker.

EDUCATION: B.A. (Political Science), University of Houston. J.D., University of Houston Law School, 1993.

PERSONAL: Born 1963 in San Leon, Texas.

Pat LaMarche PATRICIA "PAT" LaMARCHE of Maine
Green Party
Vice Presidential Nominee

Pat LaMarche -- an environmental activist -- was the Green nominee for Maine Governor in 1998. In that capacity, she won enough votes to restore the party's automatic ballot access in the state. Cobb selected her as his VP runningmate on the eve of the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention. A native of Rhode Island, her family moved to Maine when she was still a child. LaMarche earned her BA degree from Boston College (1982). Soon after, LaMarche developed the Earth Bank -- a building materials company that provided "a line of environmental alternatives to the usual toxins found in construction supplies." LaMarche is also the former director of The Children's Miracle Network attached to Eastern Maine Medical Center, which is the state's largest children's charity. Over the years, LaMarche ha also co-hosted a radio show and worked as an educator at Husson College and for the Forest Ecology Network. She was a registered Democrat until 1997.


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David Cobb -- a former construction worker and grandson of a Baptist preacher -- was a public interest attorney for the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund in Texas until he launched his Presidential campaign (and moved to California) in September 2003. Ralph Nader's politics inspired him to join the Green Party, and Cobb was a co-founder of the Texas Green Party in 1999. One year later, Cobb closed his private law practice when Nader asked him to coordinate his Texas campaign. He has devoted himself to full-time citizen activism since the conclusion of the 2000 campaign, serving as General Counsel for the Green Party National Committee until he formally launched his Presidential campaign. "We are building a democratic movement that will take this country back from the corporate hooligans who have hijacked it from us," said Cobb. Party insiders agreed that Cobb became a frontrunner for the nomination when Nader decided to not run in 2004 as a Green. Cobb won the DC primary, and placed first in several other state caucuses. Cobb was one of only four Greens listed on the California Presidential primary ballot (2nd place - 12%). He ran the most active national campaign out of anyone seeking the Green Presidential nomination. Cobb was a leading advocate of the Greens pursuing a "Safe States" strategy in 2004 -- which means that, unlike with Nader in 2000, the Cobb will focus their attempts to win votes only in the states that are not close contests and would not endanger a Democratic national victory over Bush. Pat Buchanan -- running as a conservative Reform Party canidate in 2000 -- pursued a similar strategy so as to not hurt Bush against Gore in that race. Cobb also maintains that his candidacy is only about promoting the party itself -- and building the grassroots -- and not merely promoting an individual personality (i.e., Nader). With the help of several key party leaders, Cobb outmaneuvered Nader and his allies to win the party's nomination in June 2004. Nader badly miscalculated his strategy for dealing with the Greens. On the eve of the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention, Nader selected respected Green leader Peter Camejo as his VP runningmate. His supporters then made a push to either win Nader the nomination or, alternatively, ensure that the party nominated no candidate -- but then endorsed Nader. At the convention, Cobb praised Nader's passion but successfully argued that merely "endorsing" Nader would risk the party's ballot status in several states and do nothing to build the party. Cobb's approach worked, as he handily defeated the Nader forced for the Presidential nomination on the second ballot. As the Green nominee, Cobb is ensured of ballot status in at least 22 states.


David Cobb for President
P.O. Box 610
Eureka, CA 95502
Email: info@votecobb.org


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