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Constitution Party & Independent American Party
Presidential Nominee

(Note: The Constitution Party was formerly named the "US Taxpayers Party" from 1992-99. Several state party affiliates will continue to appear on state election ballots in 2000 under various names including the Constitution Party, US Taxpayers Party, American Heritage Party, American Independence Party, Conservative Party, Constitutional Party, Concerned Citizens Party, Right To Life Party and various other state derivative Taxpayers Party banners.)


POLITICAL: GOP campaign manager, 1958-68. State Chairman, Massachusetts College Republicans, 1961. National Vice Chairman, Young Republicans. Chairman, Boston Republican Party, 1964-66. Director, U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity, 1973. Phillips-Frazier 2000Quit the Republican Party to become an Independent in 1974. Organizer, Committee of Conservatives for the Removal of the President, 1974. Founder & Chairman, The Conservative Caucus, 1974 - present. Democratic candidate for Congress, 1978. Founder, US Taxpayers Party, 1992. US Taxpayers Party Nominee for President, 1992 (earned ballot status in 21 states - 43,000 votes - 0.04%) and 1996 (earned ballot status in 39 states - 185,000 votes - 0.2%).

PROFESSIONAL: President, Policy Analysis, Inc. (a public policy research organization). Author of three books.

EDUCATION: B.A., Harvard University, 1962.

PERSONAL: Born February 6, 1941 in Boston, Massachusetts. Married to Peggy Phillips. Six children, eight grandchildren. Evangelical Protestant (Jewish by birth, later converted in adulthood to Christianity).

Constitution Party & Independent American Party
Vice Presidential Nominee

Frazier, a 44-year-old surgeon specializing in emergency medicine, is the Missouri State Constitution Party Chairman. When nationally-syndicated conservative newspaper columnist and former CBS radio commentator Joseph Sobran withdrew as the Constitution Party's Vice Presidential nominee in April 2000 (citing scheduling conflicts with his journalistic career), Frazier was quickly selected to be the replacement nominee on the national ticket. In 1998, he was the party's nominee for US Senator (4th place - 8,780 votes - 1%). An arch-conservative and self-described "Biblical Constitutionalist," Frazier's political speeches are routinely peppered with references to a moral struggle pitting fundamentalist Christians against "the heathen" in America (Frazier makes it very clear in his remarks that the term "heathen" includes all liberal Christians and "secular humanists"). While initially intended as a "placeholder" nominee for ballot qualifying purposes, Frazier was officially designated as the permanent VP nominee in early September 2000.


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A Harvard grad from a Northeastern Jewish family (although he later converted to Christianity), Phillips almost seems a stereotypical anomaly among his ardent base of Religious Right supporters. Phillips -- a longtime GOP activist and high-ranking Nixon Administration official -- quit the Republican Party in 1974 when he founded the Conservative Caucus (a group he still chairs). He is also President of Policy Analysis, Inc., a public policy research organization. During the past three decades, Phillips has campaigned against the Panama Canal Treaty, opposed the proposed SALT II treaty, pushed for tax cuts, supported the SDI ("Star Wars") nuclear missile defense system -- and opposed NAFTA, nationalized medicine, abortion, and gay rights legislation. In 1988, he endorsed Libertarian Party Presidential nominee Ron Paul (now a GOP Congressman from Texas). Phillips subsequently founded the US Taxpayers Party in 1992 during the ideologically polarizing Bush-Buchanan GOP primary fight with the intention of having commentator Pat Buchanan as the 1996 USTP nominee. In the interim, Phillips also ran as the party's 1992 Presidential nominee. When Buchanan stayed with the GOP in 1996 after his second failed bid for the Republian nomination, Phillips again ran as the USTP nominee -- this time earning 185,000 votes and the support of fundamentalist Christian leader Dr. James Dobson. Phillips' efforts to attract a "name" candidate finally seemed to pay-off when US Senator Bob Smith bolted from the GOP to seek the USTP nomination during the summer of 1999. When Smith abruptly abandoned his bid for the USTP's 2000 nomination just two weeks before the national convention in September 1999, Phillips jumped into the race easily won the newly renamed Constitution Party's nomination. However, with Buchanan running as the Reform Party nominee in 2000 -- and, thus, better positioned to capture the votes of many conservatives who supported Phillips in 1992 and 1996 -- Phillips was hard pressed to even duplicate his 1996 results. The Phillips-Frazier 2000 ticket ultimately secured ballot status in 41 states but earned just 99,000 votes (a 46% decline from the 1996 total).

(Partial Listing)

American Independent Party of California
Concerned Citizens Party of Connecticut
State Rep. Rick Jore (Const-MT)
Operation Save America Director Flip Benham (TX)
Independent American Party of Utah
Syndicated Newspaper Columnist Joseph Sobran (VA)


Alias Shakespeare: Solving the Greatest Literary Mystery of All Time by Joseph Sobran (1997). In this well-researched and controversial book, former Phillips VP runningmate Joe Sobran turns away from his usual political interests and focuses on his other passion: the works of Shakespeare. In this erudite and entertaining work of literary detection, Sobran sets out to solve the most puzzling mystery in all of literary history: Who really wrote Shakespeare's plays? Was it a country bumpkin like William Shakespeare or Edward de Vere, a poet and the 17th Earl of Oxford? Using literary analysis -- and even analyzing the language used in Shakespeare's own Last Will & Testament -- Sobran makes the case that de Vere is a much more likely candidate to have written the classic works. While some Shakespearean scholars sharply disagree with Sobran, this unique book is truly thought provoking. Follow the link to read more about the book. List: $25.00. Your Price: $17.50 (You Save 30%).

Children at Risk: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Our Kids by Dr. James Dobson & Gary L. Bauer (Expanded & Updated 1994 Edition). This hard-hitting ideological book seeks to show how cultural forces -- including liberal politicians, activists and teachers -- are endangering today's children. Constitution Party supporter Jim Dobson and former GOP Presidential candidate Gary Bauer explain what they believe Americans can do to successfully protect their families, faith, and traditional values. Follow the link to read more about the book. List: $12.99. Your Price: $10.39 (You Save 20%). (Paperback.)


Herbert W. "Herb" Titus (Virginia)

Constitution Party activist Titus -- a Harvard educated attorney, radio talk show host and former constitutional law professor -- was the US Taxpayers Party nominee for Vice President in 1996. He served for a period as the Dean of Pat Robertsonís Regent University Law School until religious/political policy differences arose between the two men in 1993 (Titus thought Robertson was becomming too "mainstream" and moderate). Like most others in the party, he is a Religious Right activist who is staunchly pro-life, anti-tax and anti-United Nations. Phillips defeated Titus for the Presidential nomination by a vote of 500 to 88 at the national convention in September 1999. At the convention, former state legislator Ellen Craswell of Washington -- the 1996 GOP nominee for Governor -- was Titus' designated VP runningmate (but she also lost by a similar margin). Another Titus link is VCY America, the host of Titus' "That's The Law" radio show.

Mathew L. Zupan (New Mexico)

Zupan, a first time candidate for office, co-owns a small internet business. Zupan, who has been active in Christian ministries, decided to run for President because Americans need to believe once again that the United States is "the greatest and most blessed nation in the world." Zupan argued that federal government's economic policies have been "slowly selling us into slavery to the International Banking Cartel." Zupan explains that his Christian faith is the foundation of both his own life and the political views he espouses. This former professional ballroom dance instructor, however, had very little chance of capturing the Constitution Party nomination against Smith. Although Zupan campaigned at several USTP events in various states, he had little support and withdrew from the race just days before the 1999 national convention. Additional Zupan links are Project Vote Smart: Mathew Zupan and Creation T-G-D (his company).

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