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of Virginia
Reform Party Presidential Nominee


POLITICAL: Founder & Chair, The American Cause, 1993-99. White House Director of Communications, 1985-87. Nominated by President Ford to be US Ambassador to South Africa, 1974 (nomination withdrawn). Speechwriter & Senior Advisor to President Richard Nixon, 1969-74. Executive Assistant to former Vice President Richard Nixon, 1966-69. Unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination for President, 1992 and 1996. Quit the Republican Party and joined the Reform Party, October 1999.

PROFESSIONAL: Co-Host of CNN's Crossfire talk show, 1987-91, 1992-95, 1996-99. Syndicated Newspaper Columnist, 1975-85, 1987-99. Editorial Writer, St. Louis Globe-Dispatch, 1962-66.

EDUCATION: B.A. (English & Philosophy), Georgetown University, 1961. M.S. (Journalism), Columbia School of Journalism, 1962.

PERSONAL: Born November 2, 1938 in Washington, DC. Married to Shelley Ann Scarney Buchanan. No children. Roman Catholic. Buchanan's sister is conservative commentator and former US Treasurer Angela "Bay" Buchanan.

EZOLA B. FOSTER of California
Reform Party Vice Presidential Nominee

Foster, 62, is a retired public school educator and a little-known conservative political activist. She was also not Buchanan's top choice to be his runningmate. Buchanan freely admitted he settled on Foster only after Teamsters Union President James P. Hoffa, Congressman Jim Traficant (D-OH) and several others all rejected his invitation to run on his ticket. Buchanan said his choice of Foster -- an African-American woman -- as a runningmate should end the "myths and nonsense" alleging bigotry, sexism and racism on his part. A Louisiana native, Foster grew up in poverty, earned a Bachelor's degree in 1960 and a masters degree in 1973, and spent 33 years in inner-city Los Angeles public schools as a typing teacher and administrator. In the past, Foster ran unsuccessfully for various political offices as a Democrat and a Republican. In 1985, she founded the Americans for Family Values organization in order to "restore traditional family values in public policy." She helped lead the 1994 campaign in favor of California's controversial Proposition 187, which would have banned illegal immigrants from receiving any public services. She also supports the right of Southern states to fly the Confederate battle flag over public buildings, opposes the teaching of so-called Ebonics and has accused the nation's black leaders of being "snake oil peddlers of the welfare state whose only wares are dependency, degradation, and decay." She also shares Buchanan's pro-life, pro-school prayer and anti-gay rights views. A registered Independent, Foster was National Co-Chair of the Buchanan campaign prior to being selected for the ticket. She is married and the mother of three grown children.


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An unapologetic "America First" trade protectionist and pro-life social conservative, this controversial former Nixon speech writer is making a third run for President in 2000. While Buchanan clearly had national name recognition and a core constituency within the GOP -- he had trouble making any substantial inroads this time. In national polls of GOP voters in 1999, Buchanan never surpassed the 6% mark. Buchanan - 1992Buchanan wanted to be viewed as the leading "Stop Bush" candidate in the GOP, but was been stymied by the campaigns of fellow social conservatives Steve Forbes and Gary Bauer. His fifth place finish -- behind rivals Forbes and Bauer -- in the Iowa GOP Straw Poll in August 1999 quickly propelled Buchanan towards his third party bid. After accusing GOP leaders of "making it impossible" for him to defeat Bush, Buchanan bolted in October 1999 to the Reform Party. Reagan Administration US Customs Service Commissioner William von Raab and others led an active "Draft Buchanan" campaign within the Reform Party starting months before Buchanan seriously began looking at bolting from the GOP. Buchanan at first closely aligned himself with the Ross Perot-Russ Verney faction of the Reform Party during late 1999 and early 2000 -- helping the Perot faction oust the rival Ventura-Gargan faction from power in the party. An inevitible schism soon formed, however, with Buchanan's outspoken social conservatism (particularly his strident pro-life and anti-gay rights views) alienating many of the the socially liberal Perot allies who traditionally populated the party. The Buchanan Brigade next systematically wrested control from the pro-Perot "Old Guard" leaders in the various state organizations. The split intensified by June 2000, when the Perot allies called Buchanan's supporters "brown shirts" and urged the party to not nominate any Presidential candidate this year. In the end, Buchanan overcame loud organized resistance from the Perot/Verney faction and won the nomination at the Reform convention over Natural Law Party leader John Hagelin (who was the last surviving "Stop Buchanan" candidate after Perot himselt declined to run at the last minute). As the Reform nominee (based upon the FEC's determination), Buchanan is now eligibile to receive $12.6 million in federal matching funds -- an amount that could make him a major player in the general election as a spoiler. The Perot/Verney faction held a separate rump convention and declared Hagelin to be the Reform nominee -- seemingly in an attempt to sow confusion and possibly deny Buchanan access to the federal matching funds while federal courts sort out the dispute. The FEC, however, sided with Buchanan in mid-September. Buchanan's publication of his controversial book A Republic, Not an Empire -- which advocated a return to a non-interventionist U.S. foreign policy -- caused John McCain, Elizabeth Dole, Bill Bennett, and others to attack Buchanan (somewhat inaccurately) as "pro-Hitler." In response, Buchanan fanned the flames higher by attacking many of his critics as being part of "the Israel lobby." In the end, the book flap seemed to do much damage to Buchanan's image -- although his hardcore "Pitchfork Brigade" supporters seem unfazed by the controversy. However, Buchanan succeeded in changing the nature of the Reform Party into a more staunchly social conservative movement that embraces his pro-life and anti-gay rights views. Buchanan was ultimately on the ballot in 49 states and captured 449,000 votes (4th place - 0.4%) -- but he later told reporters that his foray into third party politics may have been a mistake. His weak showing also means that the party is ineligible for federal matching funds in 2004

(Partial Listing)

Ex-Reform Party National Vice Chair Pat Benjamin
1996 GOP Congressional Nominee Justin Raimondo (Reform-CA)
1999 GOP Gubernatorial Nominee Peppy Martin (Reform-KY)
Right-to-Life Party of New York State
Ex-US Treasurer Angela "Bay" Buchanan (R-VA)
Ex-US Customs Service Commissioner William von Raab (Reform-VA)
Independent Steelworkers Union


Pat Buchanan for President
P.O. Box 2000
Dunn Loring, VA 22027
Buchanan Campaign E-mail: hq@gopatgo2000.org
Ezola Foster's Email: ezchuck@gte.net


A Republic, Not an Empire by Patrick J. Buchanan (1999). Buchanan's most controversial book to date. Some of the comments within this book -- largely a political call for the U.S. to adopt a non-interventionist foreign policy -- ignited a firestorm of criticism from Buchanan's critics and GOP rivals. Isolationism, Buchanan maintains, was the goal of our Founding Fathers and will ultimately restore the political, military, and economic independence that largely drove U.S. foreign policy in the 19th century. Buchanan makes some questionable leaps of logic in the book: arguing against US involvement in World War I, World War II and the Gulf War -- but in support of US involvement in Vietnam ("a legitimate war of containment"). Buchanan also attacks various ethnic groups in the US ("hyphenated Americanism") -- including Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Greeks ... even Armenians -- for exerting too much political influence and weakening the foundation of the United States' traditional Anglo-Saxon culture. Buchanan, in response to the criticism, said people should read the book themselves and reach their own judgment on it. Follow the link to read more about the book. List: $29.95. Your Price: $23.96 (You Save 20%).

The Great Betrayal: How American Sovereignty and Social Justice Are Being Sacrificed to the Gods of the Global Economy by Patrick J. Buchanan (1998). The Atlantic Monthly called this book "a campaign manifesto for the year 2000." This book is an economic manifesto that promotes the "America First" protectionist trade views that Buchanan's calls "economic nationalism." Buchanan believes that free trade serves the interests of Wall Street, not Main Street. Multinational corporations rake in huge profits, but ordinary Americans see few benefits. Instead, Buchanan argues, they suffer from free trade's bad consequences: flat wages for workers, increased drug trafficking, and environmental deterioration. Markets should serve people, says Buchanan, not the other way around. Follow the link to read more about the book. List: $22.95. Your Price: $18.36 (You Save 20%)!

Right from the Beginning by Patrick J. Buchanan (1990). Part autobiography and part political platform, Buchanan's book tells the story of his life from childhood in DC to becoming the youngest editorial writer in the country to joining the staff of Richard Nixon to working in the Reagan White House to eventually being encouraged to make his own bid first for the Presidency. Buchanan also offers political policy prescriptions to guide America. The New York Times lauded Buchanan's book as "warm and self-deprecating, surprisingly witty ... [and] honest to a fault about his political views." A very important book for better understanding Buchanan. Follow the link to read more about the book. List: $14.95. Your Price: $13.45 (You Save 10%). (Paperback.)

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