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Your complete directory of Arizona candidates for Governor, State Cabinet, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle ... state political parties ... the official state election office ... and state news sources.

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Janet Napolitano 2002

Filing Deadline: May 30, 2018
Filing Deadline (Primary - Write-Ins): July 19, 2018
Filing Deadline (General - Write-Ins): September 27, 2018
Primary: August 28, 2018
Bold = Active Candidate
Italics = Potential Candidate
* = Incumbent
= Winner
(Incumbent Party Listed First)

This page was last updated on January 22, 2018


Doug Ducey (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Steve Farley (D) - State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Businessman & Artist
David Garcia (D) - College Professor, Ex-State Associate Supt. of Public Instruction & '14 SPI Nominee
Merissa Hamilton (Libertarian) - Foodservice Executive, Libertarian Activist & '16 US Sen Candidate
Barry Hess (Libertarian) - Ex-State Party Vice Chair, Businessman & Frequent Candidate
Kevin McCormick (Libertarian) - Businessman & Software Developer
Noah Dyer (Independent) - Marketing Executive, Ex-Teacher & Ex-Democrat

Tim Jeffries (Independnent) - Ex-State Economic Security Director & Ex-Republican

Next State Constitutional Officer Elections in 2018.

Evan Mecham

Michele Reagan (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Steve Gaynor (R)- Investment Executive & Businessman
Lori Klein-Corbin (R) - Ex-State Sen. & RNC Committeewoman
Steve Pierce (R) - Ex-State Senate President & Rancher

Mark Robert Gordon (D) - Attorney & Political Consultant
Katie Hobbs (D) - State Sen. & Social Worker

Mark Brnovich (R)* - (Campaign Site)

[ Jeff DeWit (R)* - Retiring in 2018. ]
Tom Forese (R) - State Corporation Commissioner, Ex-State Rep. & Businessman
Kimberly Yee (R) - State Sen Majority Leader, Ex-Maricopla Co Supervisor & Ex-Gubernatorial Aide

Rose Mofford

Diane Douglas (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Tracy Livingston (R) - Maricopa Community College Governing Board Member & Teacher
Frank Riggs (R) - Ex-Congressman, Charter School Executive, '14 Gov. Candidate & '98 US Sen. Candidate 
Kathy Hoffman (D) - Teacher & Speach Therapist
David Schapira (D) - Tempe City Councilman, Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Teacher
Stacie Banks (Independent) - Educator

Joe Hart (R)*


State House

State Senate


[ Jeff Flake (R)* - Retiring in 2018. ]
Joe Arpaio (R) - Ex-Maricopa County Sheriff
Craig Brittain (R) - Network Engineer, Mobile App Designer & GOP Activist
Christian "CJ" Diegel (R) - Financial Planner & Iraq/Afghan War Veteran

Robert Graham (R) - State GOP Chair & Businessman

Michelle Griffin (R) - Health Insurance Company Legal Compliance Officer
Martha McSally (R) - Congresswoman, Retired USAF Officer & Gulf War Veteran

Matt Salmon (R) - Ex-Congressman, Ex-State Sen., University Official & '02 Gov. Nominee

Nicholas Tutora (R) - Pharmacist & Trump Campaign Activist
Kelli Ward (R) - Ex-State Sen., Physician, Tea Party Activist & '16 Candidate
Deedra Abboud (D) - Attorney & Muslim-American Community Activist
Bob Bishop (D) - Businessman & Test Pilot
Che' Fowler (D) - Enlightenment Guide

Mark Kelly (D) - Retired Astronaut, Retired Navy Captain & Gun Control Advocate

Jim Moss (D) - Businessman, Ex-Educator & Community Activist
Chris Russell (D) - Attorney & Army Veteran
Kyrsten Sinema (D) - Congresswoman, Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Attorney
Eve Reyes Aguirre (Green) - Community Organizer & Environmental Activist
Doug Marks (Libt) - Application Developer, Army Veteran & Ex-Town Board Member in IL

Sam Steiger

John McCain (R)* - (Campaign Site) - Next Election in 2022.


District 1:
Tom O'Halleran (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Miguel Olivas (D) - Businessman, Ex-Congressional Aide & Frequent Candidare 
Kevin Cavanaugh (R) - Ex-Pinal County Sheriff's Office Administration Commander
Shawn Redd (R) - Businessman & '16 Candidate
Tiffany Shedd (R) - Attorney, Farmer & Artist
Steve Smith (R) - State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Marketing Executive

District 2:
[ Martha McSally (R)* - Candidate for US Senate in 2018. ]
Juan Ciscomani (R) - Gubernatorial Aide & Ex-Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce VP
Todd Clodfelter (R) - State Rep., Printing Company Owner & GOP Activist
Gail Griffin (R) - State Senate Majority Whip, Ex-State Rep. & Real Estate Broker
Shelley Kais (R) - Businesswoman, Educator & '14 Candidate

Lea Marquez-Peterson (R) - Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President

Ally Miller (R) - Pima County Supervisor, Corporate Finance Executive & GOP Activist
Danny "DJ" Morales (R) - Douglas City Councilman, Naval Reserve Officer, Police Officer & Youth Pastor
Ethan Orr (R) - Ex-State Rep. & Ex-Non- Profit Group Exec Director
Ted Vogt (R) - Ex-State Rep., State Corporation Commission Exec Director & Afghan War Veteran

Matt Heinz (D) - Ex-State Rep., Physician & '12/'16 Candidate 
Lou Jordan (D) - Retired USAF Colonel
Ann Kirkpatrick (D) - Ex-Congresswoman, Ex-State Rep., Attorney & '16 US Sen. Nominee
Billy Kovacs (D) - Hotel Manager & Marketing Consultant
Jeff Latas (D) - Airline Pilot, Businessman, USAF Veteran, Democratic Activist & '06 Candidate
Mary Matiella (D) - Ex-US Asst Army Secretary, Ex-US Forest Service CFO & Accountant

Joshua Polacheck (D) - Ex-US Foreign Service Officer

Barbara Sherry (D) - Rancher & Ex-Mortgage Broker
Bruce Wheeler (D) - Ex-State Rep., Ex-Tucson City Councilman & Energy Executive
Will Foster (I) - Adjunct College Professor & Businessman

District 3:
Raśl Grijalva (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Sergio Arellano (R) - Political Organizer, Iraq War Veteran & GOP Activist
Nick Pierson (R) - FInancial Advisor & Army Veteran
Edna San Miguel (R) - Substitute Teacher, Artist & '16 Candidate
Jaime Vasquez (Independent) - Ironworks Contractor, Ex-Republican & '12 Candidate

John Rhodes

District 4:
Paul Gosar (R)* - (Campaign Site)
David Brill (D) - Physician & Businessman
Ana Maria Perez (D) - Architect

District 5:
Andy Biggs (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Joan Greene (D) - Marketing Firm Owner
Tony Margalis (D)
Jose Torres (D)

District 6:
David Schweikert (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Anita Malik (D) - Marketing Executive & Ex-Journalist
Garrick McFadden (D) - Attorney
Heather Ross (D) - Nursing School Professor & Critical Care Consultant
W. John Williamson (D) - Teacher & Frequent Candidate

Jim Kolbe

District 7:
Ruben Gallego (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Catherine Miranda (D) - State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Ex-Roosevelt School Board Member & Educator

District 8 - Special Election 2018:
Primary: February 27, 2018 - General: April 24, 2018
[ Trent Franks (R)* - Resigned effective December 8, 2017. ]
Chad Allen (R) - Healthcare Executive
Kevin Cavanagh (R) - Ex-Pinal County Sheriff's Office Administration Commander
Brenden Dilley (R) - Author, Motivational Speaker & Life Coach
Stephen Dolgos (R) - Insurance Agent, Navy Veteran & '12/'14 Candidate
Debbie Lesko (R) - Ex-State Sen. & Ex-State Rep.
Dave Lien (R) - Ex-Willmar (MN) City Councilman & Church Music Director
Phil Lovas (R) - Ex-SBA Regional Official, Ex-State Rep. & Trump State Co-Chair
Richard Mack (R) - Ex-Graham County Sheriff, Libertarian Activist & Frequent Candidate
Steve Montenegro (R) - Ex-State Sen., Ex-House Majority Leader, Minister & Ex-Congressional Aide
Steven Sawdy (R/Write-In)
Bob Stump (R) - Ex-State Corporation Commissioner, Ex-State Rep. & Ex-Photojournalist
Chris Sylvester (R) - Aerospace Engineer & Retired Navy Officer
Clair Van Steenwyk (R) - Retired Businessman, Ex-Radio Show Host & Frequent Candidate
Mark Yates (R) - Businessman & Computer Engineer
Hiral Tipirneni (D) - Scientific Review Officer & Physician
Brianna Westbrook (D) - Auto Sales Manager & LGBT Activist
Augie Beyer (Independent) - Store Manager & Ex-Tonawanda (NY) School Board Member

District 9:
[ Kyrsten Sinema (D)* - Candidate for US Senate in 2018. ]
Chad Campbell (D) - Ex-State House Minority Leader & Communications Consultant

Talia Fuentes (D) - Biologist & '16 Candidate
Greg Stanton (D) - Phoenix Mayor, Ex-Phoenix City Councilman & Attorney
Steve Ferrara (R) - Physician, Medical School Professor & Retired Navy Captain
Dave Giles (R) - Business Consultant, Engineer & '16 Nominee
Seth Leibsohn (R) - Radio Show Host & Political Consultant
Irina Baroness von Behr (R) - Community Activist & '16 Tempe City Council Candidate
Zhani Doko (Libertarian) - '14 State Sen. Candidate
Stephen Kessen (Libertarian) - Tech Support Agent & Photo Editor
Scott Menor (Independent) - Businessman & Physicist
Kiko Rex (Independent) - Progressive Activist


Bruce Babbitt

Constitution Party of Arizona
Arizona Democratic Party
Arizona Green Party
Independent Party of Arizona
Arizona Libertarian Party
Arizona Republican Party


Secretary of State's Office

Citizens Clean Elections Commission

John McCain 1982


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Arizona Daily Sun (Flagstaff)
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Tucson Citizen
Yuma Daily Sun


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