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Diane Templin DIANE BEALL TEMPLIN of California
American Party
Presidential Nominee


POLITICAL: Member, City of San Marcos Planning Commission, 1981-82. Candidate for State Assembly, 1994 (lost Republican primary - 6th place - 2,600 votes). American Party nominee for President, 1996 (1,900 votes). American Independent Party (AIP) nominee for California Attorney General, 1998 (194,000 votes) and 2002 (194,000 votes). AIP nominee for US Senate, 2000 (135,000 votes). AIP nominee for California Governor, 2003 (1,000 votes). AIP nominee for Congress, 2004.

PROFESSIONAL: Attorney, 1974 - present. Co-Founder, Advocate's Christian Ministries, 1991. Real estate broker.

EDUCATION: Buffalo General Hospital School of Nursing, attended 1965-66. B.S. (Social Welfare), State University of New York at Buffalo, 1969. J.D., State University of New York at Buffalo, 1973.

PERSONAL: Born 1948. Divorced. One grown daughter; 68 foster children. Evangelical Christian.

Al Moore ALBERT B. "AL" MOORE of Virginia
American Party
Vice Presidential Nominee

Al Moore -- the party's National Vice Chairman for the past several years -- is making a second run for Vice Presidential in 2004. He was previously the party's VP nominee in 2000. He worked for over 30 years as a computer analyst and mathematician before launching his own company ("a network marketing home-based business selling environmentally-safe home products"). Moore has been a long-time activist in various capacities within the party, and describes himself as "an advocate for the Constitution." Like Templin, he sought the party's replacement Presidential nomination -- but lost by a one-vote margin at the party's executive committee meeting. A life-long Virginian, he is married and has two children.


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The good news for the American Party was that is seemed there was nowhere for them to go but up in 2004. That's because -- in 2000 -- the the AP's national ticket failed to secure ballot status in any state for the first time since the party was formed in the mid-1970s. That still didn't stop the party from experiencing an inauspicious start on the 2004 race when the first national ticket they nominated quit the race after only a month. Presidential nominee Robert Boyd and VP nominee Walton Thompson withdrew because, apparently, they discovered it took a lot more time to run for the White House than they had anticipated. The AP folks regrouped in January 2004 and then nominated the Templin-Moore replacement ticket. Templin -- in all of her recent races -- touts herself as "100% Pro-Life." She also is a strident opponent of gay rights and illegal immigration, and a vocal supporter of school vouchers and gun rights. She also likes to pepper her campaign remarks with frequent Biblical references. In fact, Templin explained it was a Biblical verse that inspired her to make runs for political office. "I thought of a verse in Isaiah, the Old Testament, and it said: 'Who will I send and who will go for me?' -- and I said, here am I, Lord, send me," explained Templin. Further, Templin said that she would only belong to a political party that "acknowledges God as creator and the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior." She describes her campaign platform as: "I support Biblical and Constitutional Principles of Life, Liberty and Property." Templin has done some strange things in the past as a candidate. For example, at the 1996 US Taxpayers Party Presidential Convention, Templin unsuccessfully sought the nomination by dressing up as the Statue of Liberty. If Templin -- who is already on the 2004 California ballot as a Congressional nominee -- can secure ballot status somewhere for the AP Presidential ticket, she will already be guaranteed a better finish than her party's ticket did in the last election. A party official contacted Politics1 in June 2004 to state that they believe they will secure access in Utah and Louisiana -- but those plans fell through and it appears the party again failed to secure ballot status in any states.


Diane Templin for President
1016 Circle Drive
Escondido, CA 92025
E-mail: DianeTemplin@nethere.com


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